Woes of Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage Pregnancy is pregnancy by a woman who is below the age of 20 years. She may be married especially in the developing countries or unmarried mostly in the developed countries. Some plan to become pregnant but most don’t.

Parental Help is Needed when Teenage Pregnancy Occurs

When teenage pregnancy occurs it becomes a crisis for both the girl and her parents. This can cause anger, anxiey, deniel and depression to the teenage mother.

This is a critical moment when parental guidance and love is needed. You as a parent you should guide the young mother in going for prenatal care for the sake of her health and the baby to be born.

Help the teenager in exploring the right choices; for example, as a parent you can promise the girl that you’ll keep the baby till she finishes school. The teenage mother with your help can also consider giving the baby for adoption.


Parental Help is needed to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy

Talk with your teenager in a clear manner about what you think of teenage pregnancy and the dangers involved. Encourage the teenager to abstain and not to be sexually active till marriage.

Answer all the questions that the teenager might have in relation to sex from an early age as you maintain a close relationship.

Teenage Pregnancy in General

Teenage pregnancy can decline if you as a parent communicate well about the dangers of early pregnancy.

Teenagers especially those who are in their early teenage years are not aware of the symptoms that are experienced during teenage pregnancy. Here are a few:-

  •  Nausea and Vomiting
  • Fatigue
  • Missed periods
  • Light headache and sometimes fainting
  •  Breasts enlargement and tenderness
  • Abdominal distention
  • Frequent Urination

If these symptoms occur, a pregnancy test should be taken to ascertain it.

Infants born to teens are 2-6 times likely to have low birth weight due to pre maturity than those born to mothers above 20 years.

The adolescent who becomes pregnant should go for pre natal care instead of living in denial.


Teenage Pregnancy and the Law

Younger adolescents below 14 Years old are likely to have unplanned sexual intercourse and are mostly coerced into sex either through rape, gifts and drugging. In such a case a legal action should be taken against the offender as it falls under defilement.

Medical tests against sexually transmitted diseases are important to a coerced adolescent, especially in the case of rape.

Cases of incest should not be left out as many girls have become sex victims from members of their own family. Legal action should also be sought in such incidences.

Teenagers above 18 years old are technically adults and most teenage pregnancies happen to this group.

Best choice for a teenager who wants to avoid Teenage pregnancy

As a teenager if you are struggling with sex issues, share it out with your parents, counselor or mentor for guidance.

The best choice for avoiding Teenage Pregnancy is abstinence. This will help you as a young adult to concentrate on your studies and plan for parenthood.



Author: Winnie

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