What You Should Know About Naming Your Baby in Kenya

naming your baby in Kenya

What is in a name? You may have wondered what the fuss is in naming your baby in Kenya.

Do you know the meaning of your name? Or better still who are you named after?

I come from a community where babies are named after their maternal or paternal grandparents. So being the first girl child in my family, I was automatically named after my Dad’s mum.

The husband takes precedence in naming his parents. So the first boy and girl have to bear their paternal grandparents names. Then the wife gets to name her parents.

There are as many and varying baby naming traditions as there are different cultural practices. E.g. some babies are named according to the time of day they are born, or season (harvest, drought or rainy season) while others a past hero or medicine man.


Things to remember when naming your baby in Kenya

It is important to remember the name you give to your baby; they will live with it all their life.

You may want your baby’s name to be unique, find out the original meaning of a name and its history. Some names have different meanings depending on their cultural origin and language. Explore and know their real meaning before adopting them.

Make sure the name you bestow on your children, has profound value or sense of history they can be proud of. Giving original but meaningless names to your children can be considered almost like sin.


Knowing the meaning of names may also give you a peeping hole on the kind of family they have come from. This depends on the person’s belief towards human personalities and ethnic orientation; a name can serve as a preliminary basis on the kind of people you are dealing with. People who are name after saints or have biblical names, have most likely come from a religious family

Tips on Naming Your Baby in Kenya

When choosing the name of your baby, involve your husband. There is a special feeling when both of you sit down to pick out a name for the child you have created together. After all, the name you choose will have an impact on both you and your child for the rest of your life.

  • Think it over – what do you want your son to be like. A name can define the character of  a child, so choose wisely and decide

Author: Winnie

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