Trimester by Trimester Pregnancy Calendar

What is a Pregnancy Calendar?

A pregnancy calendar is chart which provides you with information of what will happen and when it will happen to you and your baby as you go through the different stages of pregnancy.

Being pregnant is an amazing experience for every one. This experience differs from one woman to another and from one pregnancy to the next. This makes it even more special and every woman should enjoy this pregnancy period to the fullest. To make this season in you life more enjoyable, it is good to know what to expect at every stage. This way you will be prepare d and will know how to deal which the changes you will experience.

Pregnancy is usually divided into three trimesters, first, second and third trimesters. To get an idea of these trimesters and the happenings there in lets have a look at the article below.

Trimester by trimester pregnancy calendar

First trimester in the pregnancy calendar

This period starts from conception which becomes your first week of pregnancy to the thirteenth week. It is at this stage you will realize you have no more monthly periods. When conception takes place, your menstrual cycle take a break till a few months after delivery. During this period you body starts change as an indication of preparing itself for the growth and development of the fetus.

You will also experience the early symptoms of pregnancy, which include: –

  • Morning sickness – feeling of nausea and dizziness in the morning
  • The urge of urinate more often
  • Your breast start to grow in size and tender to touch
  • Strong and sudden cravings for certain foods and repulsion towards others
  • You get your first brush with pregnancy constipation and heartburns

It is in this trimester, that your baby will develop:-

  • Heart and lungs, the baby’s heart will also start beating
  • Baby’s ears, eyes, arms, toes and fingers
  • Baby’s genitals
  • And the baby’s hair also start to grow

At the end of the first trimester of the pregnancy calendar, the bay will be about two and half inches in length.


Second trimester in the pregnancy calendar

The nest period in the pregnancy calendar is between the fourteenth and twenty eighth week of pregnancy. This period is referred to as the second trimester and marks the middle of your pregnancy. During this second trimester both you and the baby go through numerous changes, these include:

  • As a mother you will notice increase in appetite. This is because your baby requires more nutrients
    your belly will protrude more
  • you may develop dark patches on your face
  • the skin around your nipples turns dark
  • and you can feel your baby’s kicks and movements

Changes in the baby are more since at this second trimester in the pregnancy calendar, because the baby grows more rapidly. These changes include: –

  • The baby’s organs develop more and start functioning
  • The eyebrows, eyelashes and fingernails start to form
  • The baby’s fingers develop and can form a fist
  • And the baby can also pass urine, hear and swallow.

By the twenty eighth week of pregnancy, which marks the last week in the second trimester, your baby will be fourteen inches long and your uterus near your rib cage.

Third and final trimester in the pregnancy calendar

The period between the twenty ninth and fortieth week is the third trimester. This forms the final stage in the pregnancy calendar. At this stage your belly grows quite big, since your uterus is now fully developed. You will urinate more often as there is a lot of pressure on your bladder and you can not hold much in it.

Your breasts will start leaking as the body prepares itself for the baby to be born. Your navel will stick out and cervix will start thinning. As you approach the due date, you will have contractions more often and will start to dilate.

The baby at this time is fully developed and will start to gain weight faster and it’s movements will lessen.  Your baby will then turn into a head down position as you near your due date in readiness for childbirth.

At the end of this third trimester in the pregnancy calendar, your baby is expected to be between 18 and 22 inches, and weighing about 6 – 10 pounds.

This pregnancy calendar will serve as a guide on what you can look forward to at each stage. During your clinic visits let the doctor explain to you the changes your body is going through. Remember all women have varying experiences during pregnancy and your body changes may differ from what is listed above.

All in all, eat well and exercise regularly and enjoy your pregnancy as you consult your pregnancy calendar.




Author: Winnie

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