Tips to Consider When Weaning Babies


Weaning Babies

Weaning Babies

Weaning Babies is introducing soft solid food in a baby’s diet after six months of exclusive breast feeding.

It can be a hair rising experience harder for you but much harder for the baby especially after enjoying the comfort of easier digestion during breastfeeding.

Weaning babies require a great deal of patience. Be prepared psychologically to be spat on, major tantrums, getting the food knocked over and other forms of resistance from your baby.

There are several tips to consider when you prepare your baby for weaning.

Special Considerations When Weaning Babies

Consistency of Food

You should give your baby very soft food almost the consistency of breast milk and gradually change to semi solid then advance to solid foods.

Remember that the baby is developing so a gradual change may affect your baby.

Frequency of Food Intake

When weaning babies, you should be patient. The whole purpose of weaning your baby is not stopping your baby from breast feeding but to complement breast milk.

Don’t replace breast milk but instead just increase the frequency of giving the food in small bits until the baby adapts.

Introduction of Food

When weaning babies, one food should be introduced at a time. This is to gauge your baby’s tolerance on certain foods. Baby’s intolerance levels are quite high because their digestive tract is not well developed.

DO NOT force your baby something that he doesn’t like. You would also not want anyone to force you to eat something that does not appeal your appetite.

Other Special Considerations When Weaning Babies

Food Sensitivities

Most food sensitivities wear off as babies grow older. Their immune system becomes stronger and their digestive tract matures.

Food sensitivities manifest in several ways, skin rashes are common, wheezing, diarrhea and in other cases vomiting.

Withdraw the food and wait until the baby matures to try again later.


The baby’s food should be rich in all major nutrients. Start with Iron filled foods then progress to vegetables and fresh foods. Finally when your baby is fully developed, you can introduce meat to the diet.


  1. Added sugars and salts should not be included in your baby’s food
  2. Spices and chilies are not good for your baby.
  3. Processed foods are harmful to your child. Homemade foods are the best for weaning babies.



This is very very important. You don’t want your baby to get infections. Ensure that your baby feeds in clean separate utensils that are frequently washed with clean water and a mild soap.

Babies are very sensitive and any form of dirt may lead to infections on their digestive system. You can invest in a feeding chair and bibs to decrease the mess brought about when feeding babies.

Weaning Babies Successfully

You can sit down and enjoy the healthy growth of your baby by following these guide lines. Preparation is very essential and as your baby progresses he will soon start feeding on his own.

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