Tips on Unique Baby Shower Invitations

Baby Shower Invitations

Baby Shower Invitations

 Baby shower invitations give a glimpse of the party theme, informs guests about the baby’s gender, time and location of the party. It should be classic and related to the theme.

When hosting a baby shower, the first step is to issue the baby shower invitations. Writing them yourself is a creative way to make the event remarkable and memorable. Instead of using a generic invitations from the store, make them meaningful by personalizing the invites.

  How to Write Baby Shower Invitations

  •  Choose the theme for your baby shower invitations cards. You can use stickers, lace or ribbon in your design. Decide on the specific colors to use. Make invites online as well.
  •  Put words that describe the baby shower, giving all information about the party. This can be date and time of the party, name of new mother and baby, party location and RSVP Contacts
  •  For a baby girl flowery shower invitations, include a poem in the shower invite to make it eye catching.  Use your own creative words
  •   Include the baby’s name if you know it, which can make guests to come with gifts
  •  You can decide to use known quotes for babies like, “a baby is a blessing”.
  •  Make the baby shower invite appear playful and creative. A colorful invite is appealing.
  •  Include fun rhymes and lullabies as the opening of your baby shower invites.
  •  For twins shower invites include words such as double and you can use two colors to convey the message.

Personalizing Baby Shower Invitations

  •  Compose poems for the party and print it on the invitations. Include a message like welcoming the baby and hardships of pregnancy.
  •  Include a photo of the baby if you can in the baby shower invitations. This gives guests a glimpse of the new born in advance.
  •  Include the names of the baby’s mum and dad and the baby’s sex.
  •  Use the photo of the pregnant mum. This can remind the mother of how she looked like before delivery.
  •  In personalizing the baby shower invites, consider using the mothers favorite colors.
  •  Match the theme with what the parents have chosen. If they have chosen a zoo, customize the invites with many animals.

How to Word  Baby Shower Invitations

First you need to select the formality of your baby shower, and then decide on the correct wording for the baby shower invitations.

  •  Extend your salutation to the mother to match the formality. Welcome the mum to her baby shower in a warm way.
  •  Print the mother’s name on top of the invitation after the welcome greeting.
  •  Outline the event details like date, time and venue of the baby shower clearly shown on your invitation.
  •  Outline the order of events for the party like opening session, baby shower games to take place and lunch
  •  Finally include a list of all other attendees to your baby shower at the bottom of the invitation.


I hope these tips will help you with unique Baby Shower Invitations.

Author: Winnie

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