Tips on Preventing Stretch Marks during Pregnancy

Preventing stretch marks during pregnancy has proved to be a challenge to majority of the women today.

In fact, 90% of pregnant women have not managed to avoid stretch marks as they don’t know the necessary precautions to undertake.

Preventing stretch marks during pregnancy

Preventing stretch marks during pregnancy

Stretch marks are depressed streaks on the skin, which are caused by changes in the supportive tissue underlying the skin. They are usually darker in color than the normal skin color, though not painful, they can take time to fade and in some cases they become permanent marks.

During pregnancy, there are some women who have rapid weight gain and this is one of the reasons stretch marks are formed. Your skin is not able to expand at the rate your weight is increasing, so it become over stretched resulting to these dark streaks on your skin and it is then a challenge preventing stretch marks during pregnancy.

Other causes of stretch marks are: –

  • If you are carrying a big baby
  • If  your mum or sister got stretch marks during their pregnancy, there are higher chances of your developing them
  • A woman pregnant with multiple babies, will definitely develop stretch marks.
  • Excess amniotic fluid will also cause stretch marks

Why is Preventing Stretch Marks during Pregnancy is almost impossible to avoid during pregnancy?

Stretch marks are almost impossible to avoid for most women. There are creams and lotions that are taunted to help reduce but they cannot completely eliminate them.

Stretch marks are common on various parts of the body like abdomen, thighs, butt and breasts. During the seventh month of pregnancy though, they extend to various parts that experience rapid growth such as the abdomen and the breasts.

Their magnitude depends on factors like the rate of weight gain, your genetic history and the efforts you put in avoiding them.

3 Major Tips on Preventing Stretch Marks during Pregnancy

Even though you are not able to succeed in preventing stretch marks during pregnancy, it does not mean you give up trying. There are three major tips that will help you out in reducing the rapid spread of stretch marks during pregnancy.

They include:-

  • Drinking plenty of water

Water is well known for its ability to perform many tasks in the body. It helps by keeping your skin hydrated hence increases skin elasticity to withstand more stretching. This means your skin will be able to expand as your pregnancy progresses.

So increase your daily water intake.

  • Eat balanced diet with plenty vitamin E and C

Vitamin E is known to be the best nutrient for healthy skin development. Eat foods with plenty of vitamins to promote a skin healthy. Add green leaf vegetables and fruits to your diet, to increase this vitamin in take.

Vitamin E helps to prevent the skin from getting scars as it grows at the same rate as the body.

Vitamin C helps in rebuilding the destroyed tissues and that’s why they fade away with time.

  • Keeping  your skin moist will boost the process of preventing stretch marks during pregnancy
Cocoa butter on preventing stretch marks

Cocoa butter on preventing stretch marks

It is advisable to keep your skin moist all the time, especially after a shower, a swim and before bed time.

This reducing chances of the skin cracking, which can be quite painful.

There are various creams and lotions, which are marketed as safe to use while pregnant. Do not always trust these sales pitches, discuss with your care giver or doctor on the variety available and let him give you his professional opinion on the best stretch mark creams to use.

Cocoa butter is one of the natural cream most women use, as it is natural and poses no threat to the health of the baby and is a sure way of preventing stretch marks during pregnancy.

At this stage, the baby should be the most important and you have to be careful not to use products that will hurt him.

Message the cream on your breasts, your thighs and your belly, which are prone to getting stretch marks regularly to ensure they remain moisturized.

More hot tips on preventing stretch marks during pregnancy

These are additional tips  will help your body maintain a constant weight or a constant weight gain through out the pregnancy period. By this you ensure that any stretching occurring is controlled to some extent, and will not result to over stretching of the skin, especially on the belly.

  • Pregnancy exercises

Exercises such walking around and stretching your legs and hands will also increase your skin elasticity and keeps your body healthy.

It is advisable to consult the doctor on whether you should do these exercises and to what extremes for the safety of the pregnancy.

  • Avoid stress during pregnancy

Invest in 7-8 hours of sleep daily to ensure you have had ample rest and are well relaxed before you start another day’s routine.

As your pregnancy progresses, reduce the activities you are involved in to avoid creating stressful situations for both your and your baby.

Stress has a negative effect on your skin. Your body produces certain chemicals when you are in a stress situation which are deposited on your skin.

  • Do not over eat

I know during pregnancy, you are hungry all the time, hence eat a lot and the excuse is you are eating for two. As much as you eat,  eat healthy foods and keep in mind the rate at which you are gaining weight.

Doing exercises and eating less or no junk foods can help in maintaining a steady gain weight.

Your skin will experience less extension thus reducing the chances of getting too many stretch marks.

  • Massage your body

Massaging helps to improve circulation of blood around the parts prone to stretching and encourages uniform growth.

Stretch marks are not a death sentence, do not let them give you sleepless nights. Most of them will fade away after you deliver your baby.

Follow the tips above you are will be on your way to boost preventing stretch marks during pregnancy.

Author: Winnie

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