Tips on Prenatal Nutrition

 Proper Prenatal Nutrition planning is vital during pregnancy. If you consume minimal amounts of balanced diet over the eight week period, this can result to mortality or disorder, unlike when you eat regularly. This makes it very important for every pregnant woman to invest in good nutrition.

When prenatal nutrition is effective, it reduces chances of malnutrition during pregnancy. Poor nutrition can cause physical and neurological disorder to the new born. This can as well lead to degenerative diseases later.

Poor Prenatal Nutrition Can Cause:

  •        Anemia in the new born baby

This is due to lack of protein, iron, vitamin B12 or supplements.

  •       Weak Bones in the new born baby

This can result to osteoporosis where the bones become weak, thin, and fragile and can break easily.

  •       Teeth, Skin and Hair Problems  to the baby

Anemia makes healing of wounds difficult; calcium shortage leads to week tooth enamel. Hair loss and poor hair results from insufficient amino acids and proteins

  •       Low IQ and Learning Growth
  •       Poor Cognitive and Motor Growth

Babies suffering from poor prenatal nutrition show reduced cognitive and motor skills, beginning from 6 months of age. The gap widens as the children grows. This can result to a child dropping out of school.

Prenatal Nutrition & Vitamins

Consider taking prenatal vitamins for the sake of your health and health of the unborn baby. Example is the folic acid that helps in the prevention of brain and spiral defects.

The Recommended Vitamin intake:

Every woman is unique and hence there is no a definitive guide as to how much vitamin you need during prenatal nutrition. This should be monitored by your physician. However, drink at least eight cups of water in a day and take plenty of iron, protein, folic acid and calcium in your diet.

     Types of Vitamins

You can choose the take-over-the-counter vitamins or go for a prescription from your doctor. Different vitamins can have different nutrients.

    Foods to Avoid In Pregnancy

Fish high in mercury, shellfish and raw fish, uncooked meat, unpasteurized food and fruits and vegetables that are washed.

Point to Note: Prenatal vitamins should not replace prenatal nutrition of proper dieting. They are an addition during pregnancy

 Summary of Prenatal Nutrition

  •        For you to have a healthy baby the secret is that you maintain healthy diet.
  •        Avoid sweets because they can make you add much weight.
  •       Eat a fruit everyday; this is a good source of vitamins. Vegetables are also a good combination.
  •        Eat fish frequently as they are rich in Vitamin D.
  •       Take iodine as it protects the body. Kitchen salt has it.
  •        You need iron for blood production. You can get it in the liver, beans and whole grains
  •       Do regular exercises during pregnancy, to avoid complications during the child birth as this will make you healthy and physically fit.
  •        Stop consumption of alcohol, smoking and drugs. They can cause irreparable damage.

On top of observing prenatal nutrition, also make sure that your surroundings are neat and clean to bring up your baby in a healthy environment.

For more information consult a nutritionist about Prenatal Nutrition

Author: Winnie

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