Tips on Trendy Maternity Wear in Kenya

When a woman becomes pregnant,she is overjoyed and majority can not wait to show off as soon as the pregnancy starts to show and so she will go out of her way to look for trendy maternity wear.

Trendy Maternity Wear

Trendy Maternity Wear

This is also a very emotional time, with hormones being all over the place, if there is one thing you want to reassure yourself is that you are still beautiful by wearing something trendy, so go for it and enjoy every step.

During the course of the pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through numerous physical changes, so a change of wardrobe is inevitable. So what better way to spoil yourself than to dress fashionably. By the way this is the only time that a woman is forgiven for having a “pot”.

In Kenya, trendy maternity wear is not too hard to find, considering with have plenty of mitumbas (second hand clothes) on offer. Neither will you have to spend too much to look good.


Fashion tips for trendy maternity wear in Kenya

Simple n trendy

  • Choose long flowing dresses. These are comfortable to wear to any occasion and weather.
  • Choose smaller prints and designs that draw attention away from the stomach area.
  • You can also wear maxi dresses with solid colors; they too make a strong fashion statement.
  • Trendy maternity wear can also include tunics. When wearing tunics, choose fabrics that are stretchy and that hug your figure.
  • Wear clothes with interesting elements such as ruffled sleeves or asymmetrical edges, these emphasize other areas of your body and have a slimming effect.
  • Add jeans to your wardrobe. Maternity jeans have a large stretchy waist band and can be used in the initial months of pregnancy. These can be beautifully worn with tunics.
  • Look for dresses that make you feel chic, like sheer materials with long sleeves or long skirts with slits.

  • Add accessorizes using jewelry, matching trendy handbags, stylish comfortable shoes or a simple scarf and look chic.
  • Even when at home wear your trendy maternity wear and invest in some sexy night gowns, your husband will thank you for it.
  • Invest in low heel shoes, be comfortable always.

Trendy Maternity Wear

Trendy Maternity Wear don’ts

  • Do not wear oversize clothing; it will make you look bigger that you actually are.
  • Do not drape your body with endless fabric
  • Avoid wearing those old, shaggy and shapeless t- shirts even in the house
  • Shop wisely, do not spend too much money on your clothes remember is only for a short period of 6 months that you need to dress for and there are no two months are you really the same size.
  • Avoid high heels, especially the last trimester, no matter how beautiful and tempting they look. Your back is very delicate and you need to keep your feet firmly on the ground for balance and support.

Dress in trendy maternity wear and it will boost yourself esteem and make you feel beautiful.


The key thing you have to remember while choosing clothes and shoes to wear when pregnant, your comfort is key. There are some trendy maternity wear that will not suit you. Remember no two pregnant woman are the same, do not compare yourself with others. This is one experience that no one can have on your behalf so invest in what you like.

The period of  pregnancy is a time of celebration, use these tips on trendy maternity wear and enjoy being pregnant in style!

Author: Winnie

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