Tips on Essentials for a New Born Baby

There are many essentials for a new born baby when he comes in to the world. However, most of the first time parents are not aware on what exactly their baby requires. Therefore, many end up many essentials for the baby.

This is also the time when most expecting parents go for anything new and fancy for the baby.  To avoid this situation therefore, it is crucial for the mothers to know what are the essentials for a new born baby. 

Newborn Checklist: Essentials for a New Born Baby

Giving your baby the best care is one of the most effective essentials for a new born baby but it can be very challenging. Many are the times when most parents have been seen asking on the best way to keep t heir baby healthy and safe. Although the medical practitioners, help the mother handle the baby a few days  after birth, it is crucial to have a checklist of the essentials for a new born baby.

The checklist is very beneficial in case a need arises.

  1. Clothes

One of the most important essentials for a new born baby, you should have is clothes.  Although, you received quite a huge number of clothes at the baby shower, many of them can’t fit the new baby. Consequently, it is crucial as a parent to get something comfortable for your baby. There are a wide variety of fancy and fashionable essentials for a new born baby today; you can get different patterns, colour and styles. Make sure you get clothes made of natural fabric.

Some of the essential clothes you need are socks, booties, jacket, vests and nightgowns.

  1. Diapers

Diapers are also one of the must have essentials for a new born baby especially when the baby is less than 6 months old. Sometimes it is vital to buy two sizes of diaper; babies outgrow diaper sizes at a very high rate. Don’t forget to buy baby wipes, diaper rash creams and a diaper bag also.

Baby bathing equipments: essentials for a new born baby

Babies are given a special attention when it comes to bathing. The best investment to make here is getting a bathtub; it is both convenient for the mother and comfortable to the baby.

Other bathing essentials for a new born baby are towel, shampoos, brush, comb, baby lotion, nail clippers and washcloths.

Importance of Breastfeeding to your Baby: Essentials for a New Born Baby

Normally, breast milk also known as liquid gold is thick yellow and is made when you are pregnant and soon after you deliver.  Breast milk is easy to digest especially for premature babies; their digestive system has not yet developed.

Breast milk is very rich in antibodies and nutrients.  The hormones, cells and antibodies in the milk are essentials for a new born baby. These essentials for a new born baby protect the new born baby from getting sick. The protection is very unique and cannot be compared to any chemical makeup.


Author: Winnie

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