Tips on Foods to Avoid When Weaning a Baby in Kenya

Whether a third time mother or a new mother in Kenya, you will all agree with me that weaning for each child is different. Times change very fast and feeding methods are never the same with all your children.

Weaning being the process of gradually introducing your child to foods that will be come his or her full time diet as they grow to adults, you need to be careful on what to give and not give. There are those perfect foods for your baby but here are foods to avoid when weaning a baby in Kenya.

Empty Cereals are Some of the Foods to avoid while Weaning a Baby in Kenya

Food rich in fiber and low fat is a good diet for you as an adult therefore you need to avoid cereals with added sugars and sweeteners, while weaning a baby in Kenya. Your child doesn’t need food that will just fill their tiny stomachs without giving them nourishment. You want your baby to grow so feed the baby foods with lots of calories.

Avocado is a perfect source of calories. You can puree it and mix it with a little breast milk or formula.  Better still you can mix with bananas and use it as a dip in cooked vegetables to sweeten the food.

Foods to avoid while weaning a baby in Kenya- Salt

In most cases you might want your baby to eat the same foods as the rest of the family. Growing babies do not need added salt since it is not good for their kidneys. Also avoid adding gravy. So if your baby is having the same meal as the rest of the family all you need to do is remove his food before adding salt.

During those times that the rest of your family goes out to eat at a restaurant, do not include your baby. Preparing home food for the baby takes little time. Pack some for the baby and feed him in the restaurant as the rest of the family eats.

Honey for Babies is one of the Foods to avoid while weaning a baby in Kenya 

You only hear positive things about honey since its natural and it has a lot of health benefits. Let this not confuse you as you are weaning your baby and get tempted to use it as a sweetener. In some instances honey contains bacteria that are unpredictable. The bacteria can produce toxins in the babies’ delicate intestines. This causes baby botulism and it is a serious illness.

All in all honey is sugar and avoiding it also prevents tooth decay in your baby. Its advisable to start giving honey at one year.

Other foods to avoid while weaning a baby in Kenya are foods that are high in saturated fats such as crisps, burgers and cakes. Nuts are not good for infants as they might choke on them. Avoid low fat foods and give more of full fat milk, cheese and yoghurt. Remember to continue breast feeding and reduce gradually.

Author: Winnie

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