Tips on how to Bathe Your Newborn Baby

Congratulations on your newborn baby, this article will give up tips on how to bathe your newborn baby.

Bathe your newborn baby
Bathe your newborn baby

After going through pregnancy and parturition you might be thinking nothing else can ever be that hard. Till you are handed your newborn baby and at some point someone mentions that you need to bathe the baby.

You look at this adorable and cute but small person and you begin to wonder how to and where to hold so as to bathe the baby.

Let us back up a little; did you see your baby immediately after it popped out of you? If you did you must have noticed that he/she was covered in some whitish stuff and of course blood. Well a new born baby is covered with a greasy film which is wiped out immediately after birth. The kind nurses take the baby to the nursery, where it is given its very first bathe. Then, after they dress it warmly, they bring the adorable newborn baby to you for its first feed.

Bathing your newborn babyThis not the way it will always be. You will have to take over the bathe process after leaving the hospital. Yeah I know this is scaring, bathing a newborn baby can be one of the most terrifying experiences especially for a new mother, who find it a challenge to hold the baby’s small body and bathe it.

Before you go in to bathing your baby, it is vital to ensure you already have the essentials to make bathe time a success. Buy these bathe essentials together with the other baby items you shop for before the baby comes.

Checklist of essentials you need to bathe your newborn baby

In case you missed it, here is a list of what to buy: –

o   1 plastic baby bathtub an appropriate size preferably white

o   2 bathing towels

o   2 soft bathing flannels

o   1 soft hair brush

o   1 mild tear free bathing soap

o   1 infant nail clipper

o   Some cotton swabs

o   A mild baby oil


Now you are ready to give your newborn baby, their first bath by mummy.

Tips on how to bathe your newborn baby


Is it really necessary to bathe a newborn baby? After all the baby is so small and well covered, where does he get that dirt from?

Just like you, the baby sweats and since it is also passing urine and poop, it will ultimately need to bathe. It is hygienic to bathe the baby. A bath is always relaxing, after a long day you want to take a bathe, this is the same effect it will have on the baby.

To successfully bathe the baby, follow these simple steps: –

1.       Prepare the room in which you are going to bathe the baby, preferable your room or the baby’s room. Not the bathroom. Shut all the windows in the room and ensure the room is warm. If it is a cold season, warm the room.

2.       Put all the things you need such as towels, clean baby clothes and diapers ready for the baby.

3.       The baby basin should not be the same as the one used by other family members. It is hygienic to use one basin for the baby only.

4.       Warm the water to use to bathe the baby. Never use cold water to bathe the baby no matter how hot the temperature is.

5.       When transferring the hot water into the baby’s basin, first put some cold water then pour in the hot/warm water gently, until you achieve the right temperature and desired water level.

6.       For the first month, do not put too much water in the basin. Just enough for you to scoop when rinsing the baby.

7.       Your baby’s skin is very sensitive and can burn easily. Ensure the temperature of the water is just right. To do this, dip your elbow in to the water to test the temperature. The skin on your elbow is quite sensitive and you will be able to tell if your baby can with stand the temperature of the intended bathe water.

8.       Now undress the baby and wrap her with a clean towel.  This is to avoid the baby slipping from your hands as you wash the head.

9.       Lay the baby lengthwise on your arm, and hold him right above the basin. Supporting his head under the neck, scoop some water and gently run it through the baby’s head. Soap the baby’s head and gently rub it in then rinse till all the soap is rinsed out.

10.   Then dry the head with a towel.

11.   Now proceed to wash the rest of the baby’s body. Slowly position the baby’s neck at the crook of your elbow of your left hand and hold him under the armpit of this left hand. Then carefully lower him into the water tub. Use your right hand to wash the baby. If you are left handed do the vise versa.

12.   Soap the baby gently with the soft bathing flannel, then rinse all the soap off this body. Pay special attention any folded skin the bay may have and under the neck. It is in these areas the baby may develop a skin rash due to poor hygiene.

13.   Then once clean, remove the baby from the bath tub and wrap him with a clean warm towel.

14.   Dry off all the water from the baby’s skin, and then apply mild baby oil on the baby. Gently massage the oil into the baby’s skin as you slowly stretch out the baby’s arms and legs.

15.   Then dress the baby in clean clothes.


Other useful tips on how to bathe your newborn baby

o   Use a mild soap that will not dehydrate your baby

o   Always dry between your baby’s toes and fingers to prevent fungal infection.

o   Never use a shampoo as this will irritate the baby’s scalp.

o   Do not keep the baby in the water for a long period, as he may get cold and many newborn babies are very sensitive to temperature changes.

o   You can also give your baby a gentle lathering technique which is known to open his skin pores to make way for a relaxing bath.

o   Never submerge a newborn in water as this can cause drowning.

After the bathe, your baby will be hungry so be ready to breast feed him. You will notice that the baby will be more relaxed and will probably fall asleep immediately after feeding. Plan to always bath your newborn baby late in the afternoon and be consistent so that the baby used to this routine.

Now you are a pro, go ahead and enjoy giving a bathe your newborn baby.



Author: Winnie

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