The Tale of a Pregnant Woman in Kenya – PART 1

As a pregnant woman in Kenya, there are tones of emotions that you go through, mostly because of hormonal changes in the body. There are blissful periods that you just love being pregnant. There are other days you wonder what got in to you when entertained and consented to be pregnant.

All that aside are other theatrics that go on around you and half the time you are thinking, so why didn’t they just become pregnant on my behalf. I will take over after the nine months are over, ooh yes and after the bundle of joy has formed some sleeping habit.

Let’s start from the beginning –

The Tale of a Pregnant Woman in Kenya

You meet this man and he sweeps you off your feet literally, and a few months later you are pregnant. Note I have not indicated anywhere whether you are married or not, so it can happen to you whether married or not the choice is yours.

If you are married and had planned for the extra mouth then celebrations begin. Your mother in law (or is it in Love?) congratulates her son for a job well done (like he DID it alone). Then his buddies applaud him for not shooting blanks, or finding the goal of course over an endless flow of Mututhos which you are not invited to.

So now you are pregnant and your husband had clearly indicated there will be no more mouths to feed in this particular house, ( na kwa mpango wa kado je?) you have a mountain to climb. Apparently you, the woman control the baby making factory, so are solely responsible for this bonus product. He will eventually come to terms with the pregnancy but it will not be a walk in the park.

If you are single and just found out you are pregnant, girlfriend you might just be in more trouble than the “Ocampo 6”. Being a single and pregnant woman in Kenya is not as acceptable in the society as the media (everyone’s scapegoat) would want it to seem.

Woes of a single and pregnant woman in Kenya

Single n pregnant woman in KenyaSo you are single and have the audacity of contracting the pregnancy disease, be sure to expect the unexpected such as:-

  • The man responsible joins Shaggy in singing the “wasn’t me” track and possible accusing you of (if I may put it in very kind words) being too generous to persons of his gender.
  • To your single friends you are now a mama, no more parties because booze is out of question so you are a bore.
  • Dare you have being a self proclaimed believer cum choir member or some church worker, suddenly your services are no longer needed least you infect the rest of the single ladies congregation.
  • Now to your mum, who happens to belong or worse still head the Women’s’ guild/Mother’s Union or Women Ministry, you might just get disinherited.
  • To the rest of your relatives, they have just confirmed all their suspicions, all along you were no good, even as a small girl they always knew you could amount to nothing.

Of course it will not be all bad. There will be a few people who will stand by your side; by the way, these are the people who you never thought could come to your aid. At this stage, there is no turning back so find strength from within yourself and proceed with the journey; after all it is only nine months.

My advice is go ahead, get swept off your feet and enjoy while at it but do not throw caution to the wind, least you join this members only band wagon and acquire a new label “pregnant woman in Kenya”.

Thank you for reading and look out for more on “The Tale of a Pregnant Woman in Kenya”, the journey has just begun.



Author: Winnie

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