Stages of Child Labor in Pregnancy

Child Labor in Pregnancy

Child Labor in Pregnancy

Child Labor in Pregnancy is what every pregnant woman doesn’t want to hear about, especially for first time mothers. The whole labor process lasts for several hours or days.

 Understanding Child Labor in Pregnancy

Stage One

This stage of child labor in pregnancy has several phases.

  • Early Phase

Child labor in pregnancy begins with the onset of contractions that cause progressive changes to the cervix. Normally, child labor in pregnancy is much more painful than the normal cramps when having a period but the feeling is similar.

The cervix has to open so that your baby can be born. These changes start long before child labor in pregnancy especially for first time mothers. A mucus plug, jelly like and stained in blood comes out.

Relax! There is nothing to worry about.  By the end of this stage your cervix will be dilated, or open to about 3 or 4cm in diameter.

  • Active Phase

As child labor progresses, the contractions become frequent. The time duration is longer than in the first stage of child labor in pregnancy.  The cervix now opens up fully. As labor intensifies, it becomes harder to talk and sit down.

There are several relaxing techniques that can be practiced; the most common one is deep breathing. Try this, inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. It helps reduce child labor in pregnancy.

You can also have someone, probably your birth partner rub your lower back; this always plays a trick on your nerves and sends the message of touch to the brain rather than that of pain. .

Contractions are estimated at every three to four minutes and last 60 to 90 seconds. They’ll feel extremely intense but it may take a longer time before the cervix fully opens.

You should have something to eat or drink at this stage to give you the energy to undergo the rest of this period.

  • Transitional Phase

This is the stage of child labor in pregnancy where you experience the urge to push, commonly referred to as the pushing stage. Usually the cervix opens up to 8cm or more and it ends with the cervix fully dilated.

You will feel the contractions in a wave and they are longer, stronger and lasting.

It’s natural to make demands; you will probably never remember them. You may also feel shivery and quite shaky although not common for everyone, but it is normal in child labor in pregnancy.

You might demand for an epidural if you feel that you can’t handle the pain. This is a local anesthesia jab given at the lower back that kills the pain.

The intensity of the pains means that you are almost holding your baby. Remember to empty your bladder. You should also try different positions.

At this stage of child labor in pregnancy, you might feel your water breaking so it’s best to prepare yourself to push.

Other Important Stages in Child Labor in Pregnancy are as Follows

Second Stage

This stage in child labor in pregnancy lasts for about 5 to 10 minutes for those who have had babies before. You will feel the baby’s head pushing in between your legs. You should push in between the contractions.

Also it’s important not to hold your breath when pushing.

Your vagina then opens up to let the baby’s head out. Follow the midwife’s instructions especially when pushing so as to avoid an episiotomy.

After all these, your baby is finally born. There is also another stage of child labor in pregnancy that requires your attention before you enjoy being with your baby.

Third Stage

This is a relatively less painful stage in child labor in pregnancy. The pain allows the placenta to detach itself from the uterus.

You may get the urge to push again as the placenta slides down the vagina from the uterus.

Child Labor in Pregnancy:  Information that Should Be on your Finger Tips

After this piece of important information, you will now have nothing to be afraid of. You will always forget the pain when you carry the bundle of joy.   You can always obtain more information on the stages of Child Labor in Pregnancy.

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