Simple but Great Tips on How to Wean a Baby in Kenya

Having a baby is wonderful and looking after the baby is the most fulfilling experience. However, one of the most misunderstood growth stage is when and how to wean a baby in Kenya.

So what is weaning? Also known as ‘mixed feeding’, it is the gradual process that extends from the moment when the baby is only breastfed till that time he can feed entirely on adult diet. In simple terms, to wean a baby in Kenya is the introduction of solid food (soft) in your 6 months old baby’s diet of exclusive breastfeeding.

How to Start to Wean a Baby in Kenya

The frequency of food intake should be balanced. To wean a baby in Kenya perfectly, one should be exercise patience. The main goal of weaning a young baby is to complement the breast milk. The mother should avoid replacing the breast milk but instead increase the portions of soft puree gradually until the infant adapts.

When introducing a new food to a weaning baby, the mother should be keen to gauge the level of tolerance on certain diets. Naturally, the rate of intolerance may be high since their digestive system has not developed.

Other factors to consider when learning on how to wean a baby in Kenya successfully are

  • Hygiene
  • Nutrition
  • Food insensitivity
  • Consistency of food

 Wean a Baby in Kenya: What are the Recommended Steps of Introducing Solid foods to your Baby

To wean a baby in Kenya can be overwhelming and consequently, it requires a lot of patience especially by the mother. You will experience all forms of resistance from the infant.

  1. Weaning at 6 months

At this age to wean a baby in Kenya, you start off with 5 grams/ 1 teaspoon of potato, carrot or preferably pumpkin. Gradually increase the amount of the puree; you can increase by 10 ml on daily basis.

  1. Wean a baby in Lenya between the age of 6-7 months

A new born baby in Kenya of this age should given cereal based diet that is diluted with milk. Like the weaning in the former age category, begin with 5 grams and increase the food amount gradually. The advantage of using milk is that is easy to prepare and contains vitamins and iron.

However, as a parent to wean a baby in Kenya in the best way, you should avoid feeding the kid with rice. Rice is most likely to cause malabsorption signs to many children.

  1. Weaning a 10 months and 1 year old baby

This is the time to give your infant weaning food rather than 18 hours of breastfeeding. These foods may include yogurt, rust, bread and cereal based milk diet.

However, at this stage one should be conscious on any potential allergies that may cause discomfort to the baby.

This type of feeding process is very crucial to every child but very challenging. Parents should therefore ensure the infants get all necessary nutrients by taking balanced diet. However, a mothers should not stop breastfeeding her child once she has adopted the perfect way on how to wean a baby in Kenya.


Author: Winnie

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