What are Signs You are Pregnant?

You may be wondering whether you are pregnant or not, but you still don’t know signs you are pregnant? The symptoms and signs of pregnancy cannot be visible in the first week. Normally, your mental and physical health has to undergo certain changes once you are pregnant.

The onset of these signs you are pregnant at the early stages of the pregnancy marks the gradual growth and development of the fetus you are carrying. As an expectant mother, you need a pregnancy journal/ calendar; it helps monitor and observe the healthy progress of your pregnancy journey.

What are the Common Signs You are Pregnant

Pregnancy signs and symptoms vary from every pregnancy and between women. However, there are common pregnancy symptoms that can always help.

  • Vaginal discharge is one of them. The discharge increases due to the increased cell growth. After the fertilization of the egg, the uterus walls starts to thicken. This you are pregnant sign may even continue even throughout the pregnancy. However, there are cases when the vaginal discharge is smelly; this is a sign of yeast infection.
  • Breast tenderness is also one of the signs you are pregnant. Breast tenderness may sometimes go to the extent of the breast swelling and becoming very sensitive. Many women have reported to ignore this symptom as they think it is caused by PMS.
  • Light spotting is the earliest signs you are pregnant and does not occur to all women. Light spotting is normal caused by the fertilized egg that is being implanted in the uterus.
  • Exhaustion and fatigue is one of the trickiest signs you are pregnant that come at the early stages of the pregnancy. It is like any other form of fatigue that may be caused by stress.

Other signs you are pregnant include cramping, craving on certain foods, headache and a missed period.

Nausea and Pregnancy: Signs You are Pregnant

Nausea is one of the good signs you are pregnant.  Nausea normally occurs when one is between 5 and 15 weeks pregnant and the level of severity vary from one woman to another.

Psychological factors, change of hormones and the need for the body systems and organs to adjust to the situation are attributed as the causes of nausea. Mild nausea has no treatment, but if accompanied by other signs you are pregnant like high blood pressure, inability to digest food, repeated vomit with blood, severe cramping (abdominal) headache and fever contact your doctor immediately.

Nausea during pregnancy can easily cause pain and depression; the constant throwing up that turns to be a routine. Morning sickness is a bad experience but come to think of it, it is natural. Many studies and researches done on morning sickness have proven that, reduced or no morning sickness experiences, the higher the chances of miscarriage.

Always know that the above signs you are pregnant are just indicators; it is possible have none of the experiences and be pregnant. Or even have all the signs of pregnancy and fail to be expectant. In short signs you are pregnant can sometimes leave you in dilemma. Therefore it is important to seek medical attention or even have a pregnancy test at home for the absolute confirmation.

Author: Winnie

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