Secrets to a Healthy Pregnancy

If there is one thing every pregnant woman wants to know are all the secrets to a healthy pregnancy. You hear a lot of advice from all quarters, some of which may work and others that are simply not for you.

Anyhow in this article we will be looking at the general rules and secrets to a healthy pregnancy.

Lets agree we are all different, and our pregnancy experiences will differ just like our genetic make up. But there are those rules that apply to all women during pregnancy. These include: –


General Rules and Secrets to a Healthy Pregnancy

Rule 1: Keep to a healthy pregnancy diet

A healthy pregnancy diet is an absolute necessity if you want to have a healthy baby. For the baby to continue growing properly, is is important that you keep to a diet that is rich in nutrients and the right calories.

As a secret to a healthy diet, the right combination of food should include vegetables, fruits, proteins and carbohydrates. You will experience the urge to want eat all the time, the trick is to avoid indulging in junk food.

Increase your in take of high fiber carbohydrates, leafy green vegetables, fresh fruits and juices. Avoid foods with high sugar content, processed and fatty foods .


Rule 2: Create an exercise routine

Exercises for Pregnant women in KenyaDo you have an regular exercise routine?

Pregnancy exercises do not require for you to join a gym, these are simple and easy exercises that you can add to your daily routine.

Walking, swimming, yoga and your daily house chores pretty much make up your exercises. These are meant to keep your body healthy and especially due to the additional weight that comes with being expectant.

Word of caution, before you start with any pregnancy exercises, consult your doctor for advice on the best exercises for you to engage in at each stage of your pregnancy.


Rule 3: Drink lots of water

Water is another secret to a healthy pregnancy. Drink lots of water, it helps to keep you cool and is good for your skin.

Drinking water during pregnancy also helps to ease hunger pangs, relieves headaches and improves your digestion by reducing bloating and constipation.

Make it a habit to carry water with you wherever you go.


Rule 4: Rest

Learn to take a break from your daily activities and rest. As your pregnancy progresses your body gets more stressed from all the extra weight. Your joints especially your lower back and your ankles bear the blunt of this weight.

So take regular breaks to relieve your body off this weight. Sleep more hours and spend less time standing up.


Other secrets to a healthy pregnancy

In addition to the above general rules and secrets to a healthy pregnancy, let us look at other tips are useful during pregnancy.

  • Reducing eating spicy foods
  • Healthy fat such as olive oil are good for you
  • Use ginger as a natural remedy for morning sickness
  • Take supplements special folic acid
  • Dress comfortably and don’t be shy away from wearing gorgeous maternity wear
  • Wear comfortable non slip shoes
  • Get a massage or a back rub once in a while


Secrets to a Healthy Pregnancy: Absolute DONT’s

Do not endanger the life of your baby by engaging in unhealthy habits. It is important to remember that you baby depends 100% on what you eat. If you consume harmful substances, they will most likely affect your baby’s growth.

Some of these substances can cause death of the fetus, brain damage or result to retarded growth.


  • Do not eat raw eggs, raw fish and undercooked meat
  • Avoid alcohol and do not smoke
  • Do not over work yourself, it can result to a miscarriage
  • Do not buy over the counter medications, all your medicines should be prescribed by your doctor.
  • Do not take slimming pills or engage in a weight loss diet while pregnant.


For the sake of the baby, take good care of yourself and remember pregnancy is just but a season, you will soon go back to your old life after the baby is born. And one of the greatest secrets to a healthy pregnancy is to enjoy your pregnancy it is truly a blessing.

Author: Winnie

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