Safety Tips for the Pregnant Woman

A pregnant woman’s body is very delicate during the pregnancy period.A woman’s body was created to be the vessel through which new life is formed and natured till all it’s organs both internal and external are fully developed.

This means it is vital to ensure a pregnant woman is well cared for, so that she can fulfill this God given mandate.

The basic role of a woman more so in the rural African setting, is to be the care giver. More often those around her forget to that she too needs taking care of, especially when she is expecting.

Many rural African women in the rural areas are expected to carry on with their roles even during pregnancy.These roles including fetching and chopping firewood, walking long distances in search of water, spending long hours in the farms and in some communities building their living quarters.


These women unlike their counterparts in the urban areas have limited access to proper medical care or prenatal care during pregnancy. This means if anything goes wrong during pregnancy or if they have any concerns or questions about the pregnancy and development of the baby they are carrying they have no one to turn to but their peers. Peer advice is not a bad thing but every woman has a unique experience during pregnancy, their advice may be as relevant to your situation.

Whether you are in the rural areas or in the urban center, the difference is the same your body is delicate so long as you are pregnant.There are those pregnant women who are more delicate than others due to their medical history but one unifying fact is every pregnant woman needs to take care of herself and her growing baby.

Let us look at safety tips which every pregnant woman should observe wellness of her baby.


Safety Tips for the Pregnant Woman

  • Wear non slip shoes. Do not wear high heeled shoes especially from five months. By this time the center of gravity has shifted due to your growing belly, so you can easily lose your balance.


  • Dress in loosely fitting clothes. These are comfortable and allow the baby to also move freely. For those who cannot do without their jeans trousers, there are maternity jeans that are fitted with an elastic material and fit well.


  • Do not engage in strenuous exercises, when exercising let your body guide your exercising pace.Remember to consult your doctor before you start your exercise routine. Constantly review your exercises as your pregnancy progresses


  • Eat small meals to reduce constipation and heart burns


  • Drink water regularly and always carry water to drink with you. When your body is well re-hydrated  even the body temperature is well regulated.
  • Pregnant Woman


Additional Safety tips for a Pregnant Woman

  • Do not stand for long periods. Your weight increases as the baby continues to develop, so your bones are becoming more overburdened daily. Keep off your feet to reduce swelling and straining of your back muscles.


  • Do not lift heavy loads or objects. This can cause damage to your back muscles and can also resulting to bleeding or miscarriage.


  • Do not climb ladders or stand on stools, a fall can mean the death of your unborn baby.


  • If you are suffering from extensive back pains, buy a pregnancy support belt. This is tired below the belly and increase support of the belly relieving the back off some of the pregnancy weight.


  • Refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol. These are harmful toxics to the body and will directly affect the growth of your baby and can cause permanent brain damage and destroy the baby’s internal organs such as liver and kidneys.


  • Do not take over the counter medication. Let your doctor prescribe all your medication.


  • While driving, keep your safety belt on and in case you feel unwell do not drive. As you approach your due date do not drive alone.


  • Should you spot bleeding at any stage during pregnancy call your doctor immediately. It could be nothing or the onset of something serious. Better be safe than sorry.



Every pregnant woman wants to carry her baby to term and celebrate the birth of her newborn baby. The tips listed above should provide you the ability to do so. As a pregnant woman while observing safety, eat well and take good care of your body to promote your health and that of your developing baby.

Author: Winnie

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