How Early Can You Detect Pregnancy in Kenya


When a couple ties the knot or rather get married, there is one thing that is expect from them almost immediately, a baby, so how do they detect this Pregnancy in Kenya.

During this time, they do not want to take chances and therefore watch out for early signs to confirm the status of their pregnancy earliest possible.

Early pregnancy symptoms within days for making love are not easy to detect. Early pregnancy symptoms vary from one woman to another due to their unique genetic makeup, and from one pregnancy to another.


When intercourse takes place within the ovulation period, then pregnancy is likely to occur within 14 – 16 days after.


Early Signs of Pregnancy in Kenya

Missing your periods

If you miss your monthly period, and had engaged in unprotected sexual intercourse during that month, then this is the first real symptom of pregnancy. Your periods are not expected back till after the baby is born.


This is a common symptom during pregnancy. When conception takes place, estrogen levels in the body increase, heightening the sense of smell, this makes a woman repulsive to some certain foods and smells. Vomiting does not always following nausea.

Pregnancy in KenyaMood swings

When you conceive, the body readies itself for the pregnancy and as such produces more hormones. This hormonal change brings about mood swings during the pregnancy period.


Swollen and tender breasts

Breasts feel swollen and the nipples are especially sensitive, due to the entire hormonal changes take place in the body.


Due to increased production of blood in the body and increase production of progesterone, energy levels may be reduced resulting to fatigue. There is a tendency to want to sleep more.

Other signs to detect pregnancy in Kenya

Pass urine more often

You may start making more regular trips to pee. The body at this time is producing more blood which leads to more body fluids are passing through the kidney hence more will end up in your bladder, then out.

Food cravings:

You will also start craving for certain foods, especially tangy and sour foods. This however varies from one woman to another, as they are those who crave for sweet things.

Increased body temperature

During ovulation, a woman’s body temperature is usually high and drops back to normal when ovulation ends. So when implantation occurs, then the body temperature remains high though out during the pregnancy.

Confirming pregnancy in Kenya for newly married couple is usually a welcome relief for them.

Pregnancy testThese are some of the early pregnancy signs to look out for.Remember every woman has a unique experience, so do not panic if go through a different experience.

Some of these may occur due to other reasons and even before you miss you periods, so it is advisable to do a pregnancy test to confirm.

In Nairobi and all major towns there are pharmacies that stock variety of pregnancy test kits, so visit one and buy a home test one. There are some pharmacies that will do the pregnancy test so talk to the pharmacists for assistance.

Once you have confirmed the pregnancy, share the good news and make the necessary steps towards prenatal care to guide you pregnancy in Kenya.


Author: Winnie

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