Safe Exercises for Pregnant Women In Kenya

Did you know there are safe exercises for pregnant women in Kenya? Exercises keep the pregnant mother healthy and are good for the baby she is carry.

During the pregnancy, your body goes through very many changes, especially physical. Regular exercises are vital for the body to cope with the changes.Exercises are good for you, as they help you to relax, reduces stress and increases flow of blood within the body energizing your body. They also make you will also feel good about yourself.


Due to the growing size of the fetus the back, thigh and butt muscles are strained so when to constantly do exercises you strengthen these muscles reliving yourself from back ache which is associated with pregnancy.

These safe exercises for pregnant women in Kenya improve supply of oxygen and blood flow to the fetus. It will also prepare your body for childbirth, minimizes the pain and discomfort during delivery. After delivery, your body will also recover well and faster from labor.


Pregnancy n fitness in Kenya

Pregnancy n fitness in Kenya

Which exercises are safe for pregnant women in Kenya?

Generally, safe pregnancy exercises are light and have low impact. They do not require you to push your body limits. Word of caution, should you experience pain of too much discomfort while doing an exercise discontinue at once.Take care while exercising not to injury yourself, fall or slip.


Before you start doing any exercises while pregnant, have a chat with your doctor. Let he advice you on guidelines that you should follow. There are exercises you cannot do such as full sit ups, jumping and bouncing. If you have a history of vaginal bleeding, miscarriage and low placenta pregnancy exercise are not for you.


Following are some safe exercises for pregnant women in Kenya :

  • Walking

This is an exercise a pregnancy woman can continue doing to the last day of her pregnancy. It is good for the abdominal and knee muscles. When walking start slowly, the increase your speed to a comfortable pace. You can do this exercise for 30 minutes about 3 timely every week. In the last trimester, you may not be able to walk for half an hour continuously and in this case take breaks during the walk.

  • Swimming

Swimming is considered as one of the best exercise for a pregnant woman. It increases the strength and flexibility of many muscles of the body at the same time. When you float on water, your body has a sense of buoyancy, this helps to temporally relief pain from your joints especially the legs and back which is a result of weight gain during pregnancy.

  • Yoga

These involve relaxation techniques. Yoga exercises for pregnant women focus on stretching the specific muscle stressed during pregnancy and consequently childbirth. These exercises also help keep a check on your heart rate and blood pressure. Avoid stretches that strain your body.

  • Fitness Ball
Pregnancy Exercises - fitness ball

Pregnancy Exercises – fitness ball

Pregnant women in Kenya can use the fitness ball to tone up the abdominal muscles. While sitting on the ball. practice deep breathing exercises, this will stretch the abdominal muscles and as you breath out these muscles contract. This will increase the flexibility to the abdominal muscle which tend to be stiff.


  • Daily Activities

As you approach your due date, the fetus is fully developed and you feel fully stretched out. At this point there is little you can do in terms of exercises. Do not let this frustrate you, the daily activities you engage in will suffice as exercises.

When performing any of these pregnancy exercises, stop when you fell tired. Do not try to push your body any further. In case you feel any kind of discomfort, stop immediately and have a chat with your doctor. Explain to him exactly what you are feeling some that he can advice you accordingly.

Useful tips for pregnant women in Kenya to follow when doing pregnancy exercises.

  • Wear loose fitting clothes
  • Your shoes should be well fitting and suitable for exercises – non slip
  • Keep your body well hydrated by drinking plenty of water before the work out
  • Relax and enjoy your pregnant exercise sessions
  • Lastly know when to stop, overdoing exercises is bad for your health.

So all you Pregnant women in Kenya out there, go ahead now exercise, be healthy and fit, make your pregnancy blissful.


Author: Winnie

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