How to get Pregnant in Kenya

When a couple gets married, the immediate family expects them to start planning how to get pregnant in Kenya soon after.

Happy couple planning to get pregnant in Kenya

Happy couple planning to get pregnant in Kenya

Becoming pregnant is a matter of concern for both those who are planning their first birth and veteran parents. Usually this process is seen as a natural thing but there are many ways to improve your odds and become a parent as soon as you wish to.

Infertility is known to affect both men and women. About 40% of couples suffer from infertility.  Lifestyle changes are also known to have a dramatic impact on fertility.

Familiarizing yourself with these tips will help both women and men increase their chances of getting pregnant.

Tips on how to get pregnant in Kenya

  • Ovulation Cycle

Every lady should be familiar with her ovulation cycle. Fertilization takes place when the egg is on the way to the uterus and being familiar with this idea will help you know the time when your chances of becoming pregnant are high. Ovulation will mainly occur on day 14 of your menstrual cycle.

You will be therefore most fertile around 2 weeks after your last period begins.  Using an ovulation prediction kit  will help you know 24-48 hours before you ovulate so you can time when to have sex.

  • Male fertility

In men, fertility decreases after repetitive ejaculations thus a short period of abstinence prior to ovulation will result to a higher sperm count and thus increase the chances of getting pregnant.

  • Stop smoking

If you are in the habit of smoking you need to stop it now. Smoking is known to reduce the chances of conception by reducing the responsiveness of the ovaries to the stimulation of fertility medication stimulation.

  • Reduce alcohol intake

You and your partner should reduce your alcohol intake. More so if  as man you have a low sperm count stop drinking altogether.

  • Eat right

Eat right- being under or overweight can greatly affect the ability to get pregnant. This can also dictate the chances of complications during the pregnancy. Eating more fruits and vegetables, fish and taking iron and folic acid supplements can also be helpful in conception.

  • Monitor your cycle

Try to chart your basal body temperature (BBT)to provide you with a record of what is going on with your cycle. This will help you know the day that you ovulated and help chart your BBT to identify potential problems such as low progesterone levels.

Other tips on becoming pregnant in Kenya include: –

Taking prenatal vitamins

Prenatal vitamins are essential for both your health and your baby’s health. Some of the prenatal vitamin that one can take is folate which one can take at least one month before conception. Folate is essential since it is known to decrease your baby’s chances of having neural tube defects by 70%. Daily intake of vitamin C will also help you grow a strong placenta that will last through a full term pregnancy.

Avoid unprescribed medication

Certain medications are known to interfere with conception therefore it is important to consult your doctor and discuss all the prescriptions that you are currently taking. A fertility specialist will recommend an alternative medication if you want to get a baby.

Visiting a fertility specialist

Visiting a fertility specialist is also highly advised so as to reveal enlightening and important information. You might be having a problem with your uterus or fallopian tube yet you are keeping silent. Visit a specialist and this may turn out to be the end of your search for a baby!

Natural herbs have also been know to increase fertility levels, but before you try to take any consult your doctor for advice.

We are all uniquely created, which means you may not get pregnant with the first attempt or as fast as your friends. This should not frustrate you, your turn will be here before you know it so keep at it and soon you will celebrate being pregnant in Kenya.


Author: Winnie

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