Pregnant and Beautiful: A Wish Come True

Pregnant and beautiful is a lovely notion to nature while going through the pregnancy journey. Most women dread this particular season in their life mostly because it is the one time you do not have control of your body.

It is one thing to be pregnant and another to feel beautiful especially when that morning sickness hits you, you start losing the waist line than there is the backache. So how do you really work being pregnant and beautiful at the same time?

Read on for some hints helpful and practical tips.

Pregnant and Beautiful – It is the little things that count

Pregnant and BeautifulDuring your pregnancy you will learn that it is not the ground shaking things that matter, these rarely happen anyway, but the little things you do day in day out that will resonate with being pregnant and beautiful. These include:-

  • Drink water constantly – Water not only keeps your body and baby well re-hydrated but also works wonders for your skin.
  • Take a bath or shower as often as you want, I know of one lady, a friend who would shower thrice a day. According to her the water helped her to relax and ease out any tensions both in the body and emotionally.
  • Take short walks – Walking is the most basic and best exercise you can get into a habit of doing every day for 15 –  20 minutes. Word of caution, do not walk when the temperatures are too high or walk too briskly. Let it be a walk that you will enjoy.
  • Healthy eating habits – There will be cravings for all sorts of foods from fatty foods, to chocolates, ice creams and cakes. You do not have to beat yourself up every time you feel like snacking, the keyword here is moderation. To remain both pregnant and beautiful eat small meals which consist of a balance diet.
  • Sleep – A good night sleep will not only leave you feeling relaxed, it will also boost your general well being. Find a comfortable sleeping position and enjoy the rest.

Pregnant and Beautiful: – Dress Right

If there is one area that most pregnant women struggle with is how to dress during pregnancy. With the body changing every day, it becomes challenging especially for first time mums. The best place to start is your own wardrobe, during the first months your lose tops, free dresses and lose slacks will do.

Do not spend too much shopping for maternity dresses, it will be over too soon. When buying visit thrift shops to buy second hand but stylish inexpensive maternity wear. Buy and wear what make you comfortable and colors that work with you. Wear one color and can break it with a scarf, you will pull of being pregnant and beautiful.

When buying shoes, invest in non-slip shoes, low heals and comfortable to walk in. With the extra weight you are carrying, you need to be comfortable and secure to avoid straining your back or tripping as you walk.

Pregnant and Beautiful: – The Feel Good Factor

Simple Beauty Routine

Just as you enjoyed putting on make up before your pregnancy, you can still do the same while pregnant. It allows you to feel pretty and still in control. You can try out a new color of lip stick or lip gloss, if you do not like you can always wash it off.

Love Your Body

As much as you may manage to pull off a gorgeous look, your inside may not be feeling as beautiful. This comes with all the conflicting emotions that come with being pregnant. You will not  always feel pretty or even want to get out of bed or that couch to do anything, and that comes with the territory too.

The one thing you can not afford to do is to dwell on all the negative emotions or thoughts. Learn to love yourself from the inside, after all if you don’t love yourself how will everyone else. Remind yourself of the precious life you are carrying within you and love every moment of it.

Enjoy being pregnant and beautiful through it all.






Author: Winnie

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