Pregnancy Week by Week in Kenya:First Trimester

You can monitor your pregnancy week by week in Kenya. It is important to both you and the baby, it helps you to know the changes taking place as the baby continues to develop.


When you become pregnant you start a journey of discovery, your body start to change both internal and externally.

Your emotions and moods change more frequently than the weather and so it is in order for you to want to know what is going to happen at each stage or is what you are experiencing normal for the stage at which you are.


When you think about, a baby is a miracle in itself, the development of a fully grow baby from a single cell in the mothers womb is phenomenon. This growth take place slowly with each body part developing at a particular time during the pregnancy period.

Monitoring your pregnancy week by week in Kenya, helps to follow the baby’s progress, keeping a close eye at the growth to avoid complications and to catch any suspicious or strange developments before they endanger the life of the baby.


The pregnancy period lasts for nine months, this period can be further divided in to 3 trimesters each consisting of 3 months. This brings the total pregnancy period to 40 weeks. So let us look at these various stages and map out a week by week pregnancy calendar.

The first trimester consists of the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy.


Pregnancy week by week in Kenya – 1st – 4th weekPregnancy week by Week in Kenya - week 4


This is the most crucial period in your pregnancy, as the body tries to adjust and accept the fertilized egg, inform of a zygote. Once the body adopts to these changes then the pregnancy journey commences.

During the 1st to the 2nd week of pregnancy, you may not experience any notable changes in your body. Your pregnancy due date is calculated from the first day of your last menstruation period, and it is during these two weeks after that fertilization takes place and the zygote attaches itself to the wall of the uterus.

As your progress to the 3rd and 4th weeks of your pregnancy, the baby starts to grow. If you take a urine pregnancy test it will test positive as the body starts to secret the pregnancy hormone.

The early signs you will experience include, feeling tired, passing urine more often and there might also be some slight bleeding.

Your baby by week 4 of the pregnancy, will have grown from one cell to a mass of about 180 cells, and about 0.04 inches in length.

The “baby” i.e.  the cells will have developed and divided into 3s layer. The outer layer will develop into the nervous system, skin and hair, while the layer no. 2 – the middle layer will form the skeleton, circulatory system, bones, reproductive organs and body muscles.

The inner  most layer will develop in to the digestive and respiratory system.

Pregnancy week by week in Kenya – 5th – 8th week

By week 5, you have already done your 1st month of pregnancy and the early pregnancy signs are now more prominent. These early morning pregnancy are a constant reminder that you are not alone or rather your life is no longer yours alone.

Week 8 - pregnancy week by week in Kenya There will be morning sickness, whose severity defers from one woman to the next, breast soreness, darkening of the areola area of your breasts and slight weight gain.

Your baby on the other hand starts to develop organs and the internal systems start to become defined, these include the heart, the brain, spinal cord, nervous system, the digestive system and muscles.

This growth comes as a result of taking nutrition from you through the umbilical cord. Facial features the nose and eyelids are also visible. The baby’s length is at about 0.8 inches.


Pregnancy week by week in Kenya – 9th – 12th week

By now your body is almost well adjusted to the pregnancy and in weeks 9 and 10, the early symptoms such as morning sickness begin to diminish. Food cravings start becoming a routine and you will still be irritated by some scents and armors.

You are the third month of the pregnancy period and your belly is still not noticeable even though your uterus has already started to enlarge to accommodate the growing fetus. By now you may have addedWeek 12 - pregnancy week by week in Kenya between 3 – 5 pounds in weight.

As for maternity dresses, you are still wearing your normal clothes, though depending on your body size, the stretchy fabrics in your wardrobe are becoming more comfortable wear, a clear indication soon you will have to invest in maternity clothing.


The baby’s growth is more noticeable, the eyes and ears are better defined and fingernails are evident. The baby is now about 2.2 – 2.5 inches long.


As you look at this development of your pregnancy week by week in Kenya, it is evident that as a pregnant woman, you have to start taking good care of yourself, in terms of nutrition and general hygiene. Reason being your baby’s development and chances of being in good health at birth depends solely on you.


So go ahead and enjoy this miracle of pregnancy as we continue to monitor both the changes in your body and your baby’s growth in your pregnancy week by week in Kenya.

Author: Winnie

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