When Should You Take Pregnancy Test in Kenya?

Having a baby is every woman’s dream. Getting pregnant on the other hand comes with different expectations for many. Remember all children are different so even pregnancies are different. The best thing is to be sure that you are on the right track with your pregnancy. Knowing and understanding fully that the baby growing inside you is in perfect health is every woman’s joy.  So when should you take a pregnancy test in Kenya?

Take a Pregnancy Test in Kenya after Noticing Early Signs

With the hormonal changes that Kenyan women are experiencing in recent times, taking a pregnancy test should be taken using different methods. Once you miss your period depending on your ovulation days, then you can have a test but preferably after missing the period for three or four weeks.

If suddenly you are feeling tired and you are visiting the toilets more times than regular, this could mean you are pregnant. Your breasts could feel like they have added a whole size within days and your bras become uncomfortable. Your sense of smells elevates to high levels, some things suddenly smell bad and others are appealing. This is a perfect time to take a pregnancy test in Kenya.

Pregnancy Test in Kenya- Home Testing KitsWhen Should You Take Pregnancy Test in Kenya?

In most cases you find that women want to find out first on their own whether they are pregnant or not. This is where home testing kits come in handy. They are available in all chemists and most supermarkets.

So if you want to find out on your own first, the make that trip to the chemist or a supermarket and get your self one. Once in the privacy of your home, open the kit and follow the instructions. Which are mostly as simple as urinating on the strip in the test kit and waiting a few minutes.

A Pregnancy Test in Kenya can also be Done in the Hospital

This is by far the best way to take a pregnancy test in Kenya. In some instances your home test may come out negative or even if it comes out positive the best thing is to visit a hospital.

Remember you are carrying a baby and you want to find out if you carrying a healthy baby or you are healthy yourself to carry the baby. There are some infections and diseases that can be transmitted to the baby during pregnancy and can be prevent by having hospital test done.

 Some natural deficiencies could affect the baby that you are carrying. Once the test are done in hospital and if one these problems are noted you can be put on medication. The doctor has the expertise to know when to give you the medication and the right dose that will not interfere with your pregnancy.

Another advantage is that you are given a lot of advice on what to do and not to do during pregnancy. You are advised on the best foods to eat to ensure the baby growing inside you is healthy. Whether you are sick or not the early stages are the best times to take pregnancy test in Kenya to be on the safe side.


Author: Winnie

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