Pregnancy in Kenya: How to choose the gender of your baby

Are you planning for your first or your next pregnancy in Kenya? Is this your dream?  Cradling a sweet baby girl in your arms or getting that cutest little boy – the heir of your family?

Then you can make it happen. Being able to determine the sex of your baby can help you start or complete your family.

Every Kenyan family has a deep-rooted need to balance their families. There are biological reasons why some couples end up getting children of the same sex and this can only change if they take the correct proactive steps.

Pregnancy in Kenya: Why do couples want to choose the gender of their baby?

There is usually under immense pressure on married couples from their parents to have a boy. Boys are seen as the torch bearers of family name and hence continuation of the family tree. For this reason a couple wants to go ahead and have their boy and get over with it.

Others just want a girl, especially if one has come from family which had boys only.

Then there are those who believe that a specific gender is more of a blessing than the other.

Couples who have planned to have a specific number of children want to have a balanced family with either one or two babies of each gender.

Pregnancy in Kenya: Natural methods couples can use to choose the gender of their baby

Times have changed and with technology there are more advance ways of choosing the gender of your baby. However these methods are very expensive and many of us can barely afford it, so couples choose to go the natural way.

These natural methods include: –

  • Increasing the alkalinity of the cervix area which is naturally acidic will increase the chances of getting a baby boy. Eating food rich in Sodium and Potassium such as banana, red meat, and dried fruits can help add to the alkalinity of the cervix.
  • If a woman wants a baby girl she should eat food rich in magnesium and calcium such as spinach, beans, apples, grape, dairy products, farm raised fish and leafy green vegetables.
  • The timing of orgasm can also help in determining the gender of your baby. If the woman reaches orgasm first, the secretion will make the area alkaline, conducive to conceive a baby boy. On the other hand women, who want a baby girl, should try to delay their orgasm.
  • Sexual position can too determine the gender of the baby conceived to a couple planning pregnancy in Kenya. The Y chromosome is known to be smaller, faster but less hardy. When there is deep penetration of the male organ during sexual intercourse, this will reduce the distance that the sperm is to travel and thereby facilitating baby boy conception.
  • In shallow penetration the sperm is deposited far away from the neck of the cervix which requires it to travel a long distance to the ovary. This could cause it to lose it’s viability before it reaches its destination.
  • A woman’s ovulation cycle can also help in deciding. Knowing your ovulation cycle can also help. A couple can decide to have intercourse during the 5 days called the window of fertility whereby three days occur before ovulation day and one after.
  • If you have sex during the first two days there is a high probability that you will conceive a baby girl. This is because the Y chromosome cannot survive till the ovulation day which gives the X chromosome which is slower and lasts longer a chance to fertilize the egg. For those who want a baby boy it is advised that they have sex on the ovulation day with full penetration.

Things that a man can do to influence the gender of the baby when planning pregnancy in Kenya

A man plays a vital role in determining the sex of their newborn baby. He can : –

  • Take 2-3 cups of caffeinated coffee before intercourse to increasing the odds of conceiving a boy. Added caffeine levels give the man’s sperm a speed boost and the Y sperm already swim fast so this increase their swimming speed.
  • Wearing boxers and briefs can also determine the be sex of your baby. Briefs keeps the testicles unnaturally close to the body. This exposes the sperms to high temperatures which will kill them. This creates an environment that favors the X -sperm which makes the baby girl.
  • Boxers on the other hand allow the testes to remain at more natural temperatures. This will help increase the sperm count and therefore increases the Y-sperm which is responsible for conceiving the baby boy.

A baby is a beautiful addition to you life, whether boy or girl it is a blessing. So when planning pregnancy in Kenya, do not let choosing the gender of your baby give you restless nights, but if you must choose, let the tips listed above guide you.


Author: Winnie

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