Pregnancy in School Going Girls

Pregnancy in school going girls is a major problem not only in Kenya but the world at large. Initially this was said to be most prevalent among the developed nations but this seems to be taking a new dimension. Now developing nations are also catching on with rising cases of pregnancy in school going girls.

Pregnancy in school going girls

Pregnancy in school going girls

This is also referred to as teenage pregnancy.

It is a case of underage girls becoming expectant. Children having babies.

These girls  are usually of school going age, who have not attained the legal age. Legal age varies from country to country, but all in all these are girls who are fully matured to understand the complications of getting pregnant at that age.This is type of pregnancy in school going girls is usually unintentional and unplanned.

What are the Causes of  pregnancy in school going girls?

There can be various variables we can tag as the causes of pregnancy in school going girls in Kenya, these include:-

  • Technological factors
  • Social factors
  • Political factors
  • Economical factors

These may necessary not be the only factors. In fact lets us examine some factors that I view as major contributors to the rising cases of pregnancy in school going girls especially in recent days.

1. Lack of parental guidance

Most parents shy from discussing about sex with their children and warn them against engaging themselves in any sex related discussions.In some homes, talking about sex is a taboo.

In actual sense, in the African setting it was a taboo and anybody who dared to bring it up was considered promiscuous.

So I can’t really blame parents from the older generation, who failed to have such discussions with their young girls about sex and it’s consequences.

Statistics have shown that many teenage mothers say that their parents never told anything about sex.

This has however changed with time and now any parent who does not sit her children down to discuss sex, has no one to blame but herself if her under age daughter becomes pregnant.

2. Cultural beliefs and practices

One problem with the developing nations is that some cultures are yet to shed off. Such beliefs are such as that the woman is a weaker sex. Consequently they are deprived off most of their needs which are on the other hand availed to men.

This has led to women to be regarded as part of the mans personal property, and have no voice in the family. Teenage girls are married off while still at their tender age to men who may be as old as their grand parents.

At this tender age, the girl becomes a victim of a  boorish culture, and her mother can only watch helplessly as this happens. The reason being she too under went the same ritual and does not see anything wrong with her underage daughter continuing with the same practice.

3. Internet and media

Technology is here with us, and it is here to stay. This is a fact that we have to live with. There is a lot of influence that the internet and TV has no our children. Programmes aired on most of the channels have sex scenes galore or suggestive material.

One thing is for sure, sex sells and as long as the media houses are generating revenue from your viewership, they are not going to adjust their content for your sake.

This leaves most of the parents at loss of how to control what their children.

The internet is available everywhere and children have easy access to it.

Having ever heard of sex then seen the changes in their bodies they get curious and want to learn more about it. Out of ignorance teenages put what they saw into practice and the end result is unwanted pregnancy in school going girls.

4. Rape

Rape is one common cause of  pregnancy in school going girls.

At times i feel like the whole society has gone crazy, why can’t our girls have a safe heaven?

Teenage girls are not safe anywhere. In schools, homes and in the village, they are vulnerable to rape by their teachers, fathers, male relatives, neighbors and their peers.

The worst part of the story ids that mother’s no longer feel secure leaving their daughters with their husbands. Male relatives have turned against their teenage and are great contributors to the rising cases of pregnancy in school going girls in Kenya.

5. Poverty

Due to scarcity, under age girls are introduced in to prostitution as a way of earning extra monies for the family. These girls may be of school going age but may never see the inside of a class due to early pregnancy.

How to curb pregnancy in school going girls

There is no short cut or quick fix to reducing pregnancy in school going girls. Every member of the community will have to play a major role to do away this is menace in our society.

Some of the measures we can take include: –

1. Educate the children on sex education at home, in schools and in churches.

2. The Government should have in place a law to severely punish any person who impregnates an underage girl.

3. Educate the community of the importance of empowering the girl child.

4. As parents, we should make sure that we know what our children are doing on internet and media. Let them know the pros and cons of what they are exposed to in light of the changes their bodies are experiencing at this age.

5. Create awareness especially in communities with outdated practices on the dangers of early pregnancies to the young girls and the future of such society.

Can we STOP this menace of pregnancy in school going girls?

YES WE CAN!!!!!!

Early marriages and pregnancies are very disadvantageous to any given society. It denies the teenage girls the chance of acquiring quality education, may contract HIV/AIDS and other related STD ailments, lowers self esteem, and girls lose of trust in male gender among others

Let us join hands as a society and kick this menace out of our society and protect our girl child, and in turn stop pregnancy in school going girls.



Author: Winnie

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