Pregnancy in Kenya: Freedom from morning sickness

Morning sickness is also known as pregnancy sickness and poses a great challenge to many women during pregnancy in Kenya.

Early Pregnancy in KenyaWhat is morning sickness?

Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy is referred to as morning sickness.

Morning sickness is said to be a defensive mechanism that protect the fetus against toxins ingested by the mother. The fetus is most susceptible to toxins in the first three months and it is during this the expectant mother experiences harsh spells of morning sickness.

Different pregnant women have morning sickness is triggered by varying things. Due to high sensitivity during pregnancy in Kenya, everything seems to cause nausea; women are irritated by smells and odours.

Tips on morning sickness freedom during pregnancy in Kenya

Pregnancy in Kenya-Morning sickness

Many Kenyan pregnant women usually opt to go for advice from older women or women who have gone through pregnancy for solutions.  Not every cure discussed below work for every pregnant woman

  • LolliPops: sucking lollipops may help in relieving pregnancy nausea. Lollipops are said to be made from all natural ingredients and essential oils that have anti-emetic qualities that help soothe your tummy.
  • Ginger: you can get ginger in tea form, capsules or one can even suck it. Due to its anti-emetic qualities it helps reduce discomfort.  Remember it is nature provided benefit so maximize on its usage!
  • Eating saltines or crackers– many pregnant women find it helpful to carry a package of saltines in their purse so that they eat them in case they experience any signs of morning sickness.
  • Eating small meals throughout the day –this has helped many pregnant women especially during the later stages of pregnancy when the baby has occupied most of the abdominal cavity space.
  • Avoid smells that set you off– if cooking fish and other foods that upsets your stomach is done in your kitchen you can opt to banish such cooking in your household until the baby is born.
  • Drinking your fluids in smaller amounts- drinking your fluids in smaller amounts and spreading them out evenly over the day will help keep you body hydrated which in turn will help combat the feeling of nausea. Drinking fluids when you are taking your meals will overstretch your stomach muscles

Addition freedom from morning sickness tips during pregnancy in Kenya

  • Avoid foods that are spicy, greasy, or fried- if you really want to keep off from the signs of morning sickness avoid eating junk food but this does not mean skipping your meals.
  • Take a nap during the day- pregnancy comes with it changes in the hormonal system which requires your body to adjust to those changes which at times make you feel exhausted. Taking a nap can help you gain strength and will also help your body time to recharge itself.
  • Take an easy daily exercise- exercising will increase oxygenated blood flow in your body which will help promote better mobility, decrease nausea, and lessen your body’s reflux.
  • Fruits – eating a piece of lemon, banana or an apple is one of the remedies for morning sickness.

As I mentioned earlier not all these tips may work for you. In fact the best solutions for you to identify all those irritants and use the tips that are best suited for you.

Do not lose heart, morning sickness is just but for a season; do not let it dampen your spirits during pregnancy in Kenya.

Author: Winnie

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