First Time Parents: Tips on normal things to anticipate from a newborn baby in Kenya

Congratulations on the birth of your newborn baby in Kenya.

It is so exhilarating to hold your baby in your arms for the very first time, more so if you are a first time parent. Then there is this overwhelming feeling when you start to realize that this baby will depend on you for almost everything, including healthy and wellness. Therefore, you start thinking of all the new responsibilities that come with taking care of this baby.

At the forefront you are thinking, before I leave this hospital for home can someone please confirm my baby is normal and in good health. In addition, when you get home and are on your own multiple questions start to assail you such as –

  • Why is the baby crying seemingly all the time?
  • How do I give my baby their first bath?
  • How often do I feed the baby?
  • How long does the baby sleep?
  • What food do I feed my newborn baby and when do I start feeding?
  • What are the best diapers to use?
  • Which baby products are good for my baby?
  • How often do I change my baby’s diaper?

Normal Things to Expect from Newborn Baby in Kenya


Do not worry all these are normal things first time parents experience from a newborn baby. To put your mind to rest, let us address these questions.

unhappy baby in Kenya

  • Crying

A Newborn baby can be fussy. Remember they are new in this environment so it can be a bit overwhelming for them too. Babies cry to communicate their discomfort or loneliness. To find out what is making your baby fuss, trying breastfeeding them, check whether them are wet or have spoiled their diapers and check the temperature too.

The baby will cry differently each time and with time you will be able to tell what your baby needs by how they cry.

  • Feeding your newborn baby

Breastfeed milk is the best meal a mother can give her newborn baby. Exclusive breastfeeding a newborn baby is recommended for the first 6 months. After these six months then you will introduce the baby to soft foods.

Newborn baby in Kenya feeds a lot. It is best to feed the baby when hungry and as the baby grows.

  • Sleeping

Babies slept a lot, especially after feeding well; this is very healthy for them.

  • Bathing

Just like you find it relaxing to take a bath or shower after a long day; it has the same effect on the baby. At least give the baby a bath once a day, it also helps them sleep better.

Changing the diaper of your newborn baby in Kenya

A spoiled diaper is very uncomfortable for the baby. Check the baby just before a feed so that you can change the diaper so that when breastfeeding the baby will be relaxed. If your baby stays too long with a soiled it can cause

The brand to use will mostly depend on your budget. There are clothe nappies, which are washed and once dry can be used again. Then there are the disposable diapers, which are no use once the baby has used them.

The baby’s skin is very sensitive, so be keen and look out for products that react with your baby.

Remember to keep you baby happy and healthy, eat well and healthy, as the you are the baby’s source of daily food. Be sensitive to the needs your  newborn baby in Kenya needs and enjoy true bonding with your bundle of joy.

Author: Winnie

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