Newborn Babies in Kenya: Is my baby normal?

Newborn babies in Kenya are a sight to behold, and after a long nine months the baby is finally here, a true bundle of joy.

Parents and especially first time parents have all these questions on  their baby, such as: –

Is my baby normal?

  • How do i know when my baby is sick?
  • Is my baby feeding enough?
  • How often should I feed the baby?
  • How often do I change the babies diaper?
  • Which products are good for my baby?

The way you answer these questions depends on how much parenting experience you have. We all want our babies to be health and be happy, so we pay special attention to all the changes  the baby goes through especially if it is your first born.

Normal things to expect from Newborn Babies in Kenya

Healthy Newborn Baby in Kenya


When the baby is born it has to adjust to the new environment,  this means a few things are bound to happen which are normal, Below are some  things you can look out for.

  • Weight loss

This may be the only time that it is okay for the baby to loss weight without you getting concerned. A newborn baby will loss their birth weight the first week of their life. Babies quickly add this weight during the second week as they continue to breastfeed.

  • Sneezing and stuffy noses

In the womb the baby was protected from inhaling irritants. So the minute they are born and start breathing on their own, then they have to contend with pollution in the air. This results to stuffy noses and the baby sneezes a lot. This can be from second hand smoking, dust mites or dry air. So avoid exposing your baby to second hand smoking and dusty environs.

  • Gas

Most babies suffer from accumulation of gas in their stomach. This is as a result of intolerance to either formula or breast milk. You do not have to give the baby any medicine, if  the baby is intolerant to one brand of formula, then change to a different one till the baby improves. The baby can also develop intolerance to something in the mothers diet.

  • Hiccups

Unlike older children and adults, hiccups in babies can go away on their own. Note when your baby is developing hiccups, if it is immediately after feeding, then you may have to wind the baby better. If the baby continues to hiccup for more than 5 minutes consult your pediatrician.

  • Spitting up

Is your baby a happy spitter?  Babies spit up after feeding, as you burp them. So do not worry if your baby is spitting after every feeding, it is normal. Your only concern should be if the baby is not gaining weight or if the baby is vomiting  after feeding.

  • Baby nail problems

Look at your babies nails, do not they look beautiful? Some newborn babies in Kenya are born with a fat layer that covers their toes, do not be alarmed, as they grow this layer reduces. Buy a baby nail clipper to trim baby’s nails to keep them from scratching themselves and it is also hygienic.

Additional normal things in newborn babies in Kenya


Every new born baby cries a lot, remember this is the only way they can communicate to you. A baby will cry when hungry, need a diaper change, bored, over stimulated or at a certain time. Learn to learn to recognize your baby’s cries and how to console them each time.

Take time to learn the different cries and what the baby may be in need of each time. This will be rewarding both for you and the baby. Each time the baby cries, pick them up, comforting will not amount to you spoiling the baby. Again if you notice that you baby is crying for too long and you think it is not normal, call your doctor for a checkup.

Bowel movement

Newborn babies in Kenya may strain during bowel movement; this is not a sign of constipation. The baby’s stool may be loose and some babies even cry, remember they are new at this and still trying to get the hang of it.

Should you baby’s stool be too runny or continuously have blood, contact your pediatrician and get the baby examined. Better safe than sorry.

Skin Rash

The skin of a new born baby is not always clear. Some babies develop a rash when in high temperatures, or when over dressed in too many clothes, with a misguided aim ati to keep them warm, what we call heat rash. These will go away on their own as soon as the baby is rightly dressed.

Other babies have dry skin, for this type of skin use mild baby oil or jelly. Should you however notice that the rash on your baby’s skin is infected or itchy, pay your doctor a visit.


Symptoms to look out for in Newborn Babies in Kenya

Babies just like you, fall sick and develop serious medical conditions. It is good to know common symptoms which are tell tales of the baby falling ill. Look out for such symptoms as: –

  • Fever

A fever is where the baby develops high temperature, that is higher than the normal body temperature. It is important to have a thermometer, so that if you notice your baby has a raised temperature, check their temperature. Normal temperature is between 36.5 centigrade and 37.2 centigrade, any thing higher is an indication of an infection.

  • Crying

Even though babies cry a lot, you should get concerned should your baby cry for long periods and no matter how hard you try to comfort him, it does not work. This can be an indication that something is medically wrong. See your doc.

  • Projectile Vomiting

This is violent vomiting, where your baby vomits after every feed. And unlike in spitting up, the baby vomits with a lot of force. Please contact the doctor.

  • Poor Appetite

A newborn baby should breastfeed as often as every two hours. If your baby is not feeding well, then see your pediatrician for a check up.

Remember every baby is uniquely and beautifully created. Do not ignore your instinct or that guts feeling, if you are not sure that what you baby is doing or has is normal do not hesitate to contact your pediatrician. A tip for parents to Newborn Babies in Kenya, make the pediatrician your new found best friend, believe me they come in very handy.


Author: Winnie

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