Maternity Wear Tips for a Pregnant Woman in Kenya

Women want to look good all the time, and for a pregnant woman Kenya , this is no different. What to wear during pregnancy is at times tough especially for the first timers. In fact what is more confusing is how to know what maternity dress to wear at each stage of pregnancy.

Maternity wear was earlier synonymous with large, shapeless dresses that were unflattering. Pregnant women were more inclined towards hiding their large belly rather than flaunting it.

This trend has however changed with more women nowadays wearing stylish maternity dresses that flaunt their pregnancy bulges other than hide them.

Bold is the word to describe the pregnancy clothing being worn by pregnant women. All the inhibitions that used to be there about covering up the belly are no longer an issue. A pregnant woman in Kenya can flaunt her belly without reservations.

If you look at celebrity fashion magazines you will notice how absolutely gorgeous pregnant women look, in these body fitting maternity fashion.

They make it look so easy to look stunning during pregnancy, but you will agree with me it is not so easy for those of us who are average women. And at times it is a drag.


Maternity wear shopping for a pregnant woman in Kenya can be also be fun, let us look at some useful tips that can help you along the way.

Tips on Maternity clothes to wear in early pregnancy for a pregnant woman in Kenya

During early pregnancy, the body of a pregnant woman in Kenya does not go major changes around the mid section. The only changes you may see are your breasts increasing in size. So at this stage  you will still fit in your regular clothes.

It might be helpful though to find out how big your mother or your sister got in their first trimester. Then this way you can start preparing to make a few wardrobe changes to accommodate that small baby bump as soon as it your regular clothes start feeling tight.If you have clothes made from stretch fabric then you can get away with no shopping at all in the early months of pregnancy.

To accommodate your new bust size buy comfortable bras, just a size or two larger, but not too many since you will still have to buy more in the coming months.

Pregnant Woman in Kenya: Maternity clothes to wear during late pregnancy

You are now four months pregnant and your regular clothes have become uncomfortable. This is now the  time to make smart changes to your wardrobe.

Do not buy overly expensive maternity clothes, remember you are only going to wear them for a few months. Avoid buying many pregnancy outfits at once, with each month you add one or two, to accommodate the ever growing bulge.

Buy clothes that you can mix and match, in terms of tops, maternity skirts, and trousers. Have some tops and bottoms that have single color to bring monotony to your appearance. This takes takes away all the attention from your bulging belly.

The best buy for a pregnant woman in Kenya are darker hues as they give an impression of a slimmer appearance. Colors like black, navy, chocolate, brown, gray are suitable as they will make you look 2 sizes smaller.

Buy clothes with prints such as vertical stripes which make you look taller.

When choosing materials for pregnancy clothes, shop for fabrics which are comfortable, airy and stretchable. Invest in wrap dresses, these will be a valuable addition to your wardrobe. These wrap dresses snugly fit your body and enhance your feminine curves, without making you trashy.

Maternity dresses made of flowing fabrics are also a treasure. They look very cute and offer maximum comfort for a pregnant woman in Kenya.


When buying maternity clothing, comfort should be the key to determine what to wear. You need not compromise on style and elegancy of your maternity wear. Go on and flaunt your belly, being pregnant is a blessing, enjoy this season. After all as a pregnant woman in Kenya, you sure deserve a confidence boost, as you look forward to welcoming your bundle of joy.


Author: Winnie

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