Benefits of Exercises during Pregnancy

Good health during pregnancy is vital to both the expectant mother and her unborn baby and exercises during pregnancy play a role in promoting it. This is the best time to start exercises.

Pregnancy exercises
Pregnancy exercises

Most women have this misconception that exercises are harmful for the baby so they refrain from engaging in any kind of physical activities.

However, it is understood that those pregnant women who do moderate exercises though out the pregnancy have a health pregnancy and easier childbirth.

Exercises during pregnancy are also beneficial to the unborn baby’s development. It is important to discuss your exercise plan with your doctor before start on it and he will advise on the best way to perform those exercises without causing any to your unborn baby and yourself.


Health benefits of exercises during pregnancy

While pregnant a woman undergoes several changes, most of these changes bring about a lot of physical discomforts throughout her pregnancy. These discomforts range from weight gain, to water retention, swollen face and feet, and bad posture. Exercising during pregnancy can provide relief from these physical discomforts

There are countless health benefits of exercises during pregnancy for both mother and child. Below are some of these benefits: –

  • Improved Blood Circulation

Regular exercises during pregnancy promote proper blood circulation in the body. This includes blood circulation of the developing fetus and ensures that nutrients reach the fetus too. Exercises also help get rid of excess water in the body, reducing water retention, thus providing you with relieve from swollen feet.


  • Steady Weight Gain

During pregnancy, you will gain weight. Exercising during pregnancy can help you maintain a steady and healthy weight gain throughout pregnancy. These exercises will also benefit you to regain your pre pregnancy weight quickly after your deliver your baby.

  • Stress Relief

Due to hormonal and the physical changes you will go through during pregnancy, there often is anxiety and stress experienced. Regular exercises will help relieve these stress as the chemicals produced by the body during exercises help reduce stress and make you feel happy.

When you go through your pregnancy a happy mother you will have a memorable and stress free childbirth.

  • Better Posture

As you progress in to your pregnancy, the shape of your body changes. As a result the centre of gravity shifts due to where the baby weight is, in your belly. So in order to support this growing belly, your shoulders fall back and your lower back leans forward. This puts a lot of strain on your spine and affects your whole body posture.

Exercising during pregnancy will strengthen the back and spine muscles, which will in turn reduce lower back pains which most pregnant women complain of during late pregnancy.


Additional Benefits of exercises during pregnancy

Improved Digestion

During pregnancy the digestive function is slowed down by hormones, to ensure better assimilation of nutrients in to the body, for the benefit of both the fetus and the mother. Since food in take during pregnancy is high and with slow digestion there is constipation and heartburn. Exercising during pregnancy will result to stimulation in the intestinal muscles, therefore causing relieve from constipation and heartburn.

Pregnant n fit

Pregnant n fit

Build Stamina


The labor process is very strenuous. When you start exercising early in pregnancy, you will help built endurance and stamina and to promote tolerance, which will help you cope with the ordeal of labor.


Increases Chances of Normal Delivery

Woman who exercise through out their pregnancy have a higher chance of going through a normal delivery. This heals faster than a C-section delivery.

Types of beneficial exercises during pregnancy

Even as we look at benefits derived from exercising during pregnancy, it is good to point out that not all exercises are suitable for you during pregnancy. Mild to moderately strenuous exercises are the ones generally considered safe for a pregnant woman to take up during pregnancy.

These are exercises that target the pelvic muscles and those of the lower back provide a lot of comfort to a pregnant woman. Exercises such as yoga, swimming, walking and kegel are safe exercises during pregnancy.

Develop a simple daily walking routine for half an hour. Walking is beneficial and provides all the benefits of exercises without much strain.

Remember, no matter how beneficial exercising during pregnancy is, never overdo it. Learn to listen to your body. Before you embark on any exercise routine let the doctor give you the green light. Should you experience any discomfort while exercising, do not continue and call your doctor at once.

Otherwise for a healthy pregnancy design an exercise program that works for you and continue to enjoy all those benefits of exercises during pregnancy.



Author: Winnie

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