Kenyan Pregnant Woman: Foods to avoid during pregnancy

There is no more sensitive and delicate time for a Kenyan pregnant woman than during  pregnancy.The reason being that you are not only eating for yourself but also for the baby you are carrying in your womb.

How healthy your little baby will be at birth is determined by how well you keep to a healthy diet. it is therefore vital for every pregnant woman to eat a healthy pregnancy diet. As an expecting woman, am sure you have already being given the old wives tales list of what to eat or not to eat while pregnant. This list differs from who and where the advice is coming from and can be pretty confusing.


Keeping in mind  your health as a Kenyan pregnant woman and that of your unborn baby, we have come up with a list of foods you should keep away from while pregnant.

A list of foods to avoid for a Kenyan Pregnant Woman

Some these are foods  that normally would be good for your body and as you know at this stage your baby eats what you eat so these foods that you should avoid are harmful to the fetus, so keep off them!!

  • Raw Meat

Foods to avoid during pregnancyRaw meat is a no-no during pregnancy. Uncooked meat contains bacterias such as listeria and salmonella which are likely to cause poisoning. Raw meats include sea food such as sushi and shell fish such as oysters and shrimps should similar be avoided . The bacterias in these foods can cross the placenta and can cause harm to the fetus. If you are a big fun of sushi, I feel your sadness but for the sake of the baby avoid it for this duration of your pregnancy then you can spoil yourself after your bundle of joy is born.

  • Fish High in Mercury

There are varieties of fish that are high in mercury and these are the ones you should not eat for the sake of the unborn baby. Fish such as sword fish and tuna are high in mercury. This mercury can cause brain damage and result to development delays of the baby, post birth. Avoid smoked fish too.

  • Unpasteurized Milk

Unpasteurized milk can aggravate salmonella infections and should be avoided all together. The fetus can contract blood poisoning from unpasteurized milk.

  • Raw Eggs

Like raw meat, avoid raw eggs too. They also bacteria that would be harmful to the baby. Salad dressings such as mayonnaise are made with raw eggs same with custards and home made ice creams, avoid eating these for the sake of your yet to be born baby.

  • Deli Foods

Deli foods are such as hot dogs, bologna. They may contain listeria which can cause miscarriage or still births. If you have to heat foods such as hot dogs, prepare them yourself, ensure you cook them well to kill all these harmful bacterias.

  • Liver

Liver is a rich source of iron. On the flip side, it also contains high levels of Vitamin A and large amounts of Vitamin A are harmful to the fetus.

  • Soft Cheese

There are many kind of cheeses, hard and soft. Cheeses such as Feta, Brie and Camembert are soft cheeses and should be avoided as they are very susceptible to bacterial infection and may cause serious problems during pregnancy.

  • Caffeine and Alcohol

Avoid alcohol in all its forms during pregnancy, irrespective of its quantity is it harmful to the baby. Remember the baby’s internal organs develop as the fetus grows so any introduction of alcohol to the placenta will directly affect the development of these organs negatively.

Caffeine on the other hand can be consumed in small quantities, word of caution do not abuse it.

  • Smoking and Substance Abuse

Keep off smoking and abusing drugs at all costs.

Should you not remember any thing else I have writen in this article at least remember this, Drugs will kill your unborn baby, please avoid them.

It is important to eat right food during pregnancy. Besides avoiding the foods we have listed above, safe foods should also not be consumed in large quantities but in healthy proportions. So eat food in the right quantities and right form. Observe hygiene more so during pregnancy.Thoroughly wash all raw fruits and vegetables before you eat them.

Pregnancy is the most treasured time in your life as a woman and as a Kenyan pregnant woman eating healthy and taking good care of yourself is the greatest gift you can give your unborn baby.


Author: Winnie

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