Kenyan Diet for Pregnant Women


Kenyan Diet for Pregnant Women

Kenyan Diet for Pregnant Women

Kenyan Diet for Pregnant Women is a concern for many because of the fragile life they carry. This is because it is the desire for many of the pregnant women to hold their babies after a period of 9 months.

Pregnancy is regarded as a very delicate period in time to a Kenyan woman. In Kenya, those who become pregnant are respected in one way or another since they carry an unborn child. Thus the diet for pregnancy healthy is of vital importance.

Note also at this point that there are many things which a pregnant woman shares with the unborn. This therefore calls for a healthier diet for pregnant women.

Getting a healthy baby generally depends on pregnant healthy diet. Thus the diet for pregnant women in Kenya constitutes the following:

Carbohydrates, fats and Minerals in the Kenyan Diet for Pregnant Women


This food component provides energy to the pregnant woman to carry the pregnancy to the full term.

Foods rich in carbohydrates include: rice, ugali, beans, maize etc.

A pregnant woman food in Kenya incorporates the use of fats which are important like Omega 3.These kinds of fats are good for the baby’s brain development.

Use of Salad oils instead of vegetarian oils is also good in the diet for pregnant women.

Vital minerals include magnesium, calcium, iron, and zinc.

Minerals necessary in the pregnancy healthy diet are found in cereals, dry foods, grain breads etc. They are indispensable in the diet for pregnant women in Kenya.

Other minerals for example iron are also required in excess in the pregnant women healthy diet during the pregnancy period.

Kenyan Diet for Pregnant Women: Proteins and Vitamins


A protein in the diet for pregnant women is very important. It helps in the development of the baby with reference to the bones and the other organs.

High Protein Foods include milk, yoghurt, eggs, meat, chicken, fish, legumes etc.

In the diet for pregnant women, it is necessary for them to have at least 2 servings per day.

Vitamins are also very important to the pregnant healthy women in Kenya.

Foods rich in vitamins generally include all fruits and vegetables.

Inclusion of these foods in the diet of pregnant women helps to prevent their bodies from diseases.

Kenyan Diet for Pregnant Women: Avoiding the use of Processed Foods


Many of such foods are pre-packaged and they contain a lot of sodium. At the same time, they also have a lot of food preservatives.

To be pregnant healthy, the intake of such foods must be controlled.

This is simply because the excess intake of such foods may lead to very serious complications during pregnancy.

Kenyan Diet for Pregnant Women: Mineral Supplement and Water


Sometimes minerals may be lost in the process of cooking. This calls for some vitamin supplements to be included in the diet for the pregnant healthy.

However it is very crucial to get recommendation from your physician on which supplements are best.

Water generally helps in dealing with things like constipation, dry skin and also prevents the body of the pregnant woman against dehydration.

Generally the intake of the above stated foods is of paramount importance in the Kenyan Diet for Pregnant Women.


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