Important Stages of Prenatal Care in Kenya


Prenatal Care in Kenya

Prenatal Care in Kenya

Prenatal Care in Kenya has been given the importance it deserves in rural Kenya. As a result there has been unnecessary birth related deaths as an outcome in Kenyan hospitals especially those run by the government.

Prenatal care is the  care you get during your pregnancy in Kenya. It should be started as early as in the first trimester and should be regular all through the third trimester.

There are Two Main Stages of Prenatal Care in Kenya

Pregnancy and prenatal care should not be separated, they go hand in hand. These are all important for any healthy pregnancy to progress.

  • Your Medical History

The obstetrician checks on the following so as to determine whether the pregnancy is okay.

  1. Menstrual cycle- this helps in establishing your due date ‘expected date of delivery’
  2. Past pregnancies- to establish your capability of carrying a pregnancy to term
  3. Check for any allergies during prenatal care in Kenya
  4. Medical conditions- this are mainly asthma, heart related problems, kidney and any other
  5. Family history- any cases of congenital abnormalities, twins and other genetic acquired syndromes.
  6. Abortion- prenatal care in Kenya is a problem especially because abortion is illegal in Kenya. Be honest with your obstetrician because you are protecting another life. Unsafe abortions could interfere with your uterus.
  7. Past drug abuse-drugs affect fetal development.  Smoking is the leading factor for low birth weight. Start by letting go of the habit.
  • Physical Exam

This is well done in most hospitals that offer prenatal care in Kenya. The following are a must

  1.  Your weight, height and blood pressure.
  2. Your vagina and cervix maybe examined for any abnormalities. A Pap smear test can be requested to check for cervical cancer. The change in the size of the cervix and uterus helps confirm the stage of your pregnancy.
  • Lab Test

Many Kenyan hospitals are well equipped to offer the best prenatal care in Kenya. The required tests for a healthy pregnancy are

  1. Blood-blood type and the Rhesus factor.
  2. HIV test in Kenya for pregnant mothers is mandatory. This will help you especially if you are positive to start Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission program.  You should get tested for STI’s also.
  3.  A test on your urine is also carried out to establish if you have kidney or bladder infections as these are not good for fetal development.

Sage Two of Prenatal Care in Kenya


Prenatal health care should be regular. A minimum of four healthcare visits are required in Kenya before the delivery of your baby. Though this stage is shorter, it’s equally important.

It mainly involves advice and a few check ups

  •  Lifestyle Issues

You will be advised on nutrition and healthy weight gain. Appropriate exercise like swimming and brisk walking will be recommended for you.

Vitamin supplements, folic acid and proper hydration of 6 to 8 glasses of water per day will be recommended.

Screening for any fetal abnormalities will also be advised.

  • Other tests done in Prenatal care in Kenya include:-
  1. Check on baby growth
  2. Check if your blood pressure is normal.
  3. Check if your weight gain is normal.
  4. Check if your baby’s heart beat is okay.

Prenatal Care in Kenya Determines Birth Rate

Prenatal care is vital for all mothers to be. A healthy pregnancy ensures the safety of the mother and child so think about it. Prenatal Health Care in Kenya can be achieved through lobbying and sensitization.

Author: Winnie

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