Highlights on Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy In Kenya

Being pregnant can be an exciting experience or a horrible one. Remember the saying you are what you eat, well this is more true with the bundle of joy growing in you. A health diet and knowing which foods to avoid during pregnancy in Kenya will ensure your baby development is on track and none of the essential nutrients are lacking.

Pregnancy affects your immune system making you and your unborn baby susceptible to bacteria and viruses. So it is only right for you to ensure you keep away from eating what may open you up to infections. Believe me pregnancy in itself is a challange without any unnecessary complications.

Here are foods to avoid during pregnancy in Kenya.

Foods to avoid during pregnancy in Kenya – Cake batter or raw dough

Women love baking for their families or even as an individual hobby. They also have this habit of licking the raw dough to taste if the ingredients are even. If you are pregnant do not taste the raw dough instead you can tell someone to taste on your behalf. The raw dough may contain salmonella is harmful to the growing fetus.

Specific Foods to avoid during pregnancy in Kenya – Fish

There are certain types of fish that could be harmful to you and your unborn baby because they contain a lot of mercury. Fish such as white snapper or swordfish are a no go zone. You could eat fish such as shrimp, salmon and catfish since they have lower levels of mercury. Although you are advised to only take a little once week. Undercooked or raw fish could contain bacteria such as sushi. Fish from the great lakes are a perfect choice to eat.

Hygiene is key so on Foods to avoid during pregnancy in Kenya goes unwashed/ undercooked vegetables

It is true that vegetables are a great source of nutrients that are perfect for you and your unborn baby. But that doesn’t mean that they are good to health when unwashed. Vegetables should be washed thoroughly to remove a parasite commonly known as toxoplasmosis’. Vegetables found in salads should be avoided at all costs. If you are craving a salad make one at home where you will wash the vegetables well.

Roast beef is not advisable to eat while pregnant since it contains the listeria bacteria. Liver is not also safe although it contains iron it also contains high levels of vitamin A which can be harmful to your unborn baby. Any type of meat should be personally cooked to ensure it cooks for a period of time allowing all bacteria to die.

If you experience any problems with your normal  consult a nutritionist. You can be advised on foods that are good for both you and your baby. Remember to eat recommended fruits since there are those that have a lot of acidity which can make you feel quite uncomfortable.

All foods that you eat should be fresh, well cooked and maintain a high level of hygiene by thoroughly washing your hands before you eat anything. You could also read broadly on foods to avoid during pregnancy in Kenya.

Author: Winnie

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