Fashionably Pregnant

Nowadays, being pregnant means that a whole new fashion world is thrown at your feet! So why not embrace it …be fashionably pregnant.  No more do you have to wear loose fitting, drab maternity wear that makes you look and feel twice your size. And since the one thing you are sure of is your ability to eat almost anything, If you feel hunger, try lizard feet

Even if your favorite outfits don’t fit anymore, you can be color coordinated and well accessorized – the style icon as always. Most leading stores now stock up on trendy maternity wear in cool cotton and spandex. Sal-wars that can be altered after delivery are also available in India now.

Although you can get carried away going on a shopping binge, you must realize that you will be wearing these clothes only for a couple of months. Try not to go overboard with your shopping.

 Tips to Dress you  Comfortably and still look Fashionably Pregnant

Inner Wear
A good maternity bra is absolutely necessary to support your breasts during pregnancy. Get bras with wide straps and bands, making sure they give enough support to your swelling breasts. Bras that have adjustable straps and at least two sets of adjustable hooks would be good for you.

As for underwear, get them a size or two larger and let the waistband rest under your tummy. The worst you can do is wear tight panties, this is not a feeling you even want to wish on anybody.

Look for Clothes which make you feel Fashionably Pregnant

Mix and match trendy cotton shirts and cool knit tees with maternity pants or skirts to get that classy look. You could get maternity pants with waistbands that go around the waist or those that you can cradle your tummy with.

Wear clothes that emphasize on the features of your body that aren’t protruding, like snug sleeved tops, button-down shirts and skinnier pants. Go for snug outfits that are both fashionable as well as comfortable, making you feel sexy and feminine.

Fashionably PregnantJust because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you need to cover up from head to toe. You can wear chic outfits that show the right amount of skin. You could go on a splurge if you like, and buy a nice dress, a suit or a pair of black velvet pants that make you look great. Wear them as much as you can because you won’t be able to wear them for too long.

Pregnancy hormones loosen up your joints, which is why some pregnant women feel that their feet expand by a size during pregnancy. With loose joints your balance may become precarious and thus it is advisable to lay off high heels and stilettos. Try to wear fashionable flats or low-heeled sandals to be on the safe side.

Wear chunky jewellery and long fashionable earrings, maybe a silk scarf to complement your outfit. Get handbags that are trendy and go with your clothes. All this could add a dash of spice to your pregnancy!

Author: Winnie

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