What to Expect in the First Pregnancy Trimester

The first pregnancy trimester which is the first 12 weeks of the pregnancy is when your body will undergo a lot of change. For some ladies this stage is a walk in the park but for others it is not too kind to them. Your body is not the only one undergoing a lot of change; it is during this period that the baby will develop the most.

Being informed helps you deal with these changes. Preparing yourself for what lies ahead e.g. buying comfortable clothes is key to getting through the first  pregnancy trimester.

How Your Body will Change in the First Pregnancy Trimester

Your hormones will take over and cause a lot transformation which will result in:

What to Expect in the First Pregnancy Trimester

  • Mood swings – One minute you may feel like crying and the next minute you may feel like jumping for joy. Do not beat yourself up about it, just take each day as it comes.
  • Weight gain-Some women do not put on much weight during the first pregnancy trimester but for most, this is the period when they will put on weight. Do not try to starve yourself to stay thin because your body and the baby need all the nutrients it can get. Instead eat healthy.
  • Your breasts will increase in size and become tender– this is how your body prepares for breastfeeding. Read up on the best meal plan to follow to produce healthy milk for the baby.
  • Fatigue and aches– Avoid caffeine and take lots of breaks. This is not an indication of laziness but just changes that your body is undergoing.
  • Mild cramping– As long as it’s mild and not accompanied with bleeding then all is well.
  • Frequent urination- this may occur throughout the pregnancy as the bladder gets pushed on by the growing uterus.
  • Morning sickness-despite the name you can feel nauseous any time throughout the day. The trick is to snack so that any nutrients lost may be regained and drink lots of water to rehydrate the body.

How the Baby will Develop During the First Pregnancy Trimester

During this stage the baby will develop most of its major organs and start to make movements such as yawning and sucking its thumb. Growth will occur in the first pregnancy trimester but it will not be as significant as in the second and third trimester. It will begin to develop arms, legs, toes, ears, genitals which can be seen in an ultrasound.

How to Deal with the First Pregnancy Trimester

Make sure you visit your obstetrician regularly although they will probably advice you to have only one check up during the first pregnancy trimester. Your obstetrician should inform you on the changes that you’re going to experience and how to deal with them,

Your obstetrician should also give you a nutritional guideline and a meal plan to achieve it. Remember that even though your obstetrician will prescribe supplements this does not mean that it should replace your diet. Continue to drink lots of water, eat healthy and snack healthily in order to have a healthy pregnancy and take especially good care of yourself. This way you will be able to transition from the first pregnancy trimester in to the second one smoothly

Author: Winnie

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