Why Use Epidural Anesthesia during Childbirth

Epidural anesthesia during childbirth

Epidural anesthesia during childbirth

Pregnant women are increasing using epidural anesthesia during childbirth. The basic reason is to avoid going through the excruciating pain during labor.For anyone who has never gone through pregnancy and childbirth,  it is next to impossible to understand how much pain is involved in the labor process for majority women.

So using epidural anesthesia during childbirth is increasing becoming a  popular option of relieving pain during labor in hospitals these days.

What is epidural anesthesia during childbirth?

I know this is a strange term for most of the men and first time mothers.

Epidural is a regional anesthesia that is administered to the mothers during labor. It is administered by inserting a small fine tube in a small part of your back. This should not scare anyone, the process is always done by a profession and all the safety precautions observed to the letter

With the use Epidurals during Childbirth in Kenya child bearing is no longer the tormenting process that we would hear from our grand mothers. One can now go through this experience comfortably and not curse the day they gave birth.

Epidurals during Childbirth in Kenya can be taken at any point of the labor stage, however many women prefer taking it when the contradiction of the uterus start going a bit strong and tight.

Why use epidural anesthesia during childbirth?

Epidural anesthesia during childbirth, Pregnant woman, labor

Epidural anesthesia

There are a many advantages attached to using Epidurals over any other anesthesia in the market.

  • It relieves a pregnant woman much of the pain experienced during childbirth.

Child bearing is no longer that painful process you always hear of with epidural.  However it is very sad to note that many Kenyan women die during child birth.

Statistics show that at least 5 women die daily when delivering as a result of many factors among them being complications associated with severe pain experienced.

  • It is fast and efficient

Once it is in the body system it takes only 20 minutes to take effect in the body and after another 20 minutes the midwives can start their job.

  • One’s mind remains clear

One is conscious and aware of all that is going on including the contractions and the relaxations without feeling any pain. With no pain experienced some a person is always active as the whole process is undertaken.

  • It assists in lowering the body blood pressure

I have heard of women who go in a coma after birth simply because their blood level shot up. This is dangerous and life threatening.

The blood level may rise because of feeling anxious and nervous during childbirth and the labor stage. Hence the need to turn to epidural anesthesia during childbirth  , especially for women whose families have a history of  have a side effect of lowering the blood pressure.


Disadvantages of epidural anesthesia during childbirth

a)      In the second stage of labor where pushing is involved it may bring about complications especially if you do not have the urge to push and the baby. One has to wait for an hour; until when the urge to push comes again. Hence making the childbirth process take longer than usual. This usually does not happen always; after all it can be avoided.

b)      One may be forced to stay in the bed for long since the legs’ nerves might be numb. For the low-dose epidurals one can shuffle in the bed but walking around is hard.

c)       Use of epidural  anesthesia during childbirth in Kenya may mean an extra cost but it worth.

These three reasons may however not stop me from using epidural anesthesia during childbirth all things considered.

I know there are cultures where a woman is considered inferior if she opts to use pain killers of any kind during child birth.But before you judge me,I will tell you of a tick my doctor shared with me, to comprehend labor pains, “take you lower lip and pull it over your head to the back of your neck.” If you can endure the pain, then that’s what a woman goes through while in laboring to bring that bundle of joy in to this world.

So Gone are the days when Kenyan women would not look forward to their child bearing day.  Thanks to technology the process can now be simple and painless if we embraced epidural anesthesia during Childbirth.


Author: Winnie

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