Emotional Effects of a Teenage Pregnancy

As most people can imagine teenage pregnancy begins with horror. The teenager is horrified that she is pregnant. At this stage a teenager will feel like her life is over and can barely function let alone make rational decisions. She will be scared of telling anyone, especially family. She may even run away from home if she comes from a strict background.

The Shock of a Teenage Pregnancy

In extreme cases, the teenager may take her own life because she cannot cope with the emotional effects of a teenage pregnancy. Experiencing a teenage pregnancy is one of the hardest things to go through. The teenager has to start thinking like an adult. She will have to start thinking and making decisions for someone other than herself which is new to her.

In some societies a teenager may be ostracized which adds to the burden of a teenage pregnancy. The teenager has to deal with discrimination and negative labels. If the teenager does not learn how to handle this criticism she may let these labels define her.

The teenager has to face telling her parents which is not only embarrassing but it makes her feel like a disappointment. She may continuously ask herself how come she got pregnant when perhaps most of her peers are having sex. This may make her feel angry and bitter at life. She may also feel very alone because no one she knows is experiencing a teenage pregnancy.

Decision Making That Comes with a Teenage Pregnancy

teenage-pregnancyOne of the hardest decisions to make during a teenage pregnancy is whether to bring the child up, give it up for adoption or abort it. Social pressure may force the teenager to make quick uninformed decisions which will result in a lifetime of regret.

In developing countries the healthcare system is inadequate. This means that the teenager also has to worry about paying for doctor’s fees, medicine, etc. If the teenager’s family is not supporting her then this is daunting. Jobs available to teenagers are low paying since they do not have any qualifications. She also has to worry about feeding the child, clothing it and taking care of it.

How to Help Someone Going through a Teenage Pregnancy

As a parent, relative or friend, the damage has been done. The best you can do is offer emotional support during the teenage pregnancy. Do not judge the teenager because the rest of the world is already doing enough of that. The teenager is battling a myriad of emotions such as anxiety, fear, guilt, regret, frustration, depression, embarrassment and there is no need to add to that.

Assist her in making the right choices. Right now her mind is clouded and she needs your clear mind to guide her. Help her focus on eating right and taking care of her body emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. If possible advice her to go see a therapist who is more qualified to get her through the teenage pregnancy.

Author: Winnie

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