Early Pregnancy Symptoms in pregnant women differ from one to the other, some have an easy time, while others find it extremely challenging  to cope.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Early Pregnancy Symptoms


There are different types of early symptoms of pregnancy. These symptoms are not the same in every woman. Early pregnancy symptoms can also vary in there intensity, frequency and duration during which they occur.

When you notice early symptoms of pregnancy and you are trying not to conceive, you might think that it’s just your period coming on again when in reality you may be experiencing very early symptoms of pregnancy.

If you are trying to conceive and you notice these early symptoms of pregnancy, you may be frustrated when you think you may be experiencing early symptoms of pregnancy but they are only pre-menstrual periods.

Below is a list of some of the early symptoms of pregnancy:

  • Missed period

Perhaps the most obvious early pregnancy symptom is when you have missed your period. This possible sign of pregnancy is often what causes women to search for more details about other early pregnancy symptoms..

  • Breast tenderness

One of the very noticeable signs of early pregnancy is tender, swollen and somewhat sore breasts. When you become pregnant, your body begins preparing your breasts for producing milk and breast feeding.

Hormones start increasing .nipples may feel sore or extra sensitive. This is one of the obvious Early Symptoms of Pregnancy.

There is no need to worry because this is quite normal as your body is preparing for parenthood.

  • Fatigue

One of the Earliest Symptoms of Pregnancy for some women may be fatigue and exhaustion. You may start going to bed earlier or find it harder than usual to get out of bed in the morning

This Early Symptom of Pregnancy may be caused by all the changes that your body is going through plus the increasing levels of hormones.

Feelings of exhaustion are common and small activities such as walking or jogging may leave you feeling exhausted.

  • Light bleeding

The reason for light bleeding during pregnancy is implantation. This type of bleeding occurs when the fertilized egg implants itself in the uterine lining and usually occurs about 10-14 days after conception. To avoid embarrassment in public you may wear good pads to absorb the blood.

  • Morning sickness

Nausea during pregnancy can occur with or without vomiting. Women experience this symptom beginning about two weeks from there date of conception

This reason for this symptom seems to be the rapid rise in estrogen produced by the fetus and the placenta. You can counter this by taking prescribed medicines

  • Sensitivity to aromas

This early pregnancy symptom often leads to feelings of nausea. During pregnancy, a woman’s sense of smell increases considerably. This may an effect of the increasing production of hormones

  • Frequent urination

This is caused by the growing uterus which presses the bladder hence leading to one having frequent visitation to the wash rooms.

  • Dizziness or fainting

Going upstairs or having to stand in line can make one feel light headed. As the uterus swells it compresses arteries in your legs. This can help drop your blood pressure and make you dizzy.


  • When you miss your periods it is good to visit a doctor or carry out a home pregnancy test to confirm. This is better than living with uncertainty
  • When attacked by morning sickness don’t panic. Some things you can do to make yourself feel better include having minor meals frequently, sucking lemon drops and having dry foods
  • To avoid dizziness and fainting you can choose to avoid walking long distances or climbing stairs during your pregnancy period.
  • To avoid fatigue you may choose to do light chores and avoid the stressful ones so that you don’t pressurize your body.

 Staying safe through out the early pregnancy symptoms 

During the period that you are experiencing these symptoms, it is good to take measures to ensure that you and your baby stay safe

These measurements include:-

  • Sure you are never alone especially if you are weak so that should you experience some symptoms like fainting  you will get help quickly.
  • Keep active, it ensures good flow of blood and also healthy respiratory system because of fresh air.
  • Eat a balanced diet. This ensures you stay healthy both you and your child
  • Drink lots of fluids. This water is necessary because you will lose a lot of water during vomiting which can lead to dehydration

In conclusion, you must know that these symptoms are not unique to you alone. While some are obvious, others may be a bit fatal. But there is no cause for alarm, try this simple guidelines and you will have a stress free period during Early Pregnancy Symptoms period.


Author: Winnie

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