Childbirth in Kenya: Natural Pain Relief during Labor

All during pregnancy there is one thing women do not look forward to experiencing, childbirth in Kenya.  This simply means that you have to go through labor.

Natural childbirth in Kenya

Natural childbirth in Kenya

Even though labor pains differ from one woman to another, most women will tell you that their experience during labor was not a bed of roses.

Labor pain is indeed very painful. There are natural pain relief measures that can help relieve you off this pain during childbirth in Kenya. During pregnancy your doctor should be able to give you tips of relieving much of the labor pain. It is very important that you be well informed of these pain relief techniques so you do not worry about going through childbirth.

There are several techniques of natural pain management which are helpful all through the birthing process. Of all these techniques the most important one is to listen to your body throughout the process, it will give cues which will be helpful in making it bearable.


Natural Pain Relief Techniques during Childbirth in Kenya

Natural Childbirth-New born babyNatural pain relief techniques are not the only pain relief measures available. There are women who opt for medication during labor or epidural. This gives women choices when labor gets too rough. Herbal or drug free natural options are the pain relief methods we are going to look into.  These are: –

  • Massage during labor

During the early stages of labor, let your partner massage your lower back with aromatherapy oils. These oils are known to have a calming effect. The trick is to message by applying the right pressure and at the right place, especially, the lower back, thighs or hips during contractions. This is a good distraction and will give you some relief.

  • Be well rested in early labor

Conserve as much energy as you can during the early stages of labor. Relax in bed or make yourself as comfortable as can be in a reclining chair. Do not put pressure on your stomach. When you are able to conserve energy at this stage, you will be better prepared to cope with childbirth in Kenya.


  • Apply heat to tense muscles

Applying heat to tense muscles during labor helps to relaxing the muscles. Place a warm wheat bag or a hot water bottle to warm the back, tummy and the groin area. The hot water bottle should be warm not too hot; you do not want to scald your skin. Placing the bag on the lower back will relax the lower back muscles thus easing the pain.

  • Concentrate on your breathing

All through pregnancy, practice breathing. It is important to remember to breathe in through the nose and out through your mouth. These breathing exercises will come in handy during labor. You will be able to concentrate on your breathing and will be able to get through each contraction with ease.

Birthing in Water a Natural Pain Relief Technique during Childbirth in Kenya

Birthing in water is becoming an acceptable alternative during childbirth due to pain relief. This involves a pregnant woman giving birth in a birthing pool. Birthing in water requires to be supervised by a trained midwife and before you consider water birthing have a chat with your doctor about it. The doctor should be able to enlighten you on the pros and cons of water birthing.

Water bathing is seen as a less painful alternative as your body is buoyant in water and also the water provides relieve during labor. This will ease the backache and tummy ache during labor.

It will also greatly help you during labor to listen to the instructions that will be given to you by the midwife who will be assisting you during the birthing process. Due her experience, the midwife will be able to assess the situation and will help you go through the process with much ease.

When contractions start coming hard and close, the last thing you want to hear is to be patient and cooperative, but this is the most critical time that you will need to pay special attention to your midwife and this will immensely help you relieve pain naturally during childbirth in Kenya




Author: Winnie

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