Childbirth in Kenya: How to go through natural childbirth

As the due date draws near a pregnant woman has to decide on how to go through childbirth in Kenya.

There are many women are now turning natural childbirth.

Natural childbirth is when the entire process of childbirth is done without the use of any medical intervention. There has been a misconception that natural childbirth is only for special women not very one. Every healthy woman can give birth naturally. You may be asking is it perfectly safe to give birth naturally? Yes is the best answer I can give you.

The female body is designed to go through the process of labor and delivery. There are stories about how dangerous it is to give birth naturally and we can not deny that women have lost life while giving birth. Let’s not forget the medical fraternity has come along way since and now women are screened for any complications during the entire process of pregnancy.

It is during pregnancy that a mother is advised on her condition and that of the baby to ensure that she is also able to make an informed decision. If there is a complication, then there medical intervention, but if the condition of the mother and the baby is good the mother is advised to consider natural childbirth in Kenya.

How to go through natural childbirth in Kenya

The process of natural childbirth begins right after you confirm conception. What most women do not know about giving birth naturally is that their attitude towards this method of childbirth matters a lot. Your perception towards natural childbirth will determine the success the natural childbirth. It really helps when a mother is positive about the process then this way she will not be stressed while giving birth.

It is advisable to understand the basics of natural childbirth first. Gather as much information on the various methods of childbirth, so that you can be able to make an informed. In order to know what to experience during natural childbirth, understand the stages of labor and signs of labor during pregnancy.

You will want to choose an obstetrician and gynecologist with a low rate of cesarean section and epidural deliveries. An obstetrician who is used to carrying out natural childbirth in Kenya is better placed to provide you with unbiased advice as you go through the pregnancy. You can also talk to your healthcare provider to educate you on the side effects of anesthesia and epidural given during child birth.


It is important to remember that the right diet and exercises are also vital to a successful childbirth. Keep healthy and fit to make it easier to deliver your baby.

Next, have a birth plan. This plan will help you know the different options available to you, so that when you go into labor and during deliver you are not stranded. As you come up with this birth plan, talk to your health provider. This should be helpful in pointing out any thing you could have left out.

The birth plan will help you be at peace and comfortable by the time contractions begin. At this time remember those breathing exercises, breathe deeply and slowly. If you are at peace with yourself, your body will produce less adrenaline and more endorphins which are natural painkillers will be produced.

Before going to hospital, ensure you pack yourself comfortable clothing and carry all your essentials. Pack for the baby too.

Have your doctor take you through the birth process so that you can visualize what you are supposed to do and when to make it easier on the d-day. Remember to also listen to the instructions of the midwife or the health care provider as they guide you through the process of natural childbirth in Kenya.Childbirth in Kenya


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