Babies Health Issues

Babies Health Issues require a lot of emphasis to the mothers in particular and the caregivers. Basically, this is because of the tender care they require before and after birth. There are many healthy issues that come to mind when we talk about caring for babies.

First and foremost, it is vital to appreciate that a baby before and after birth are completely dependent on their mother which makes them venerable. Hence the need to draw attention to babies health issues.

Babies Health Issues: Anxiety in Pregnancy

A pregnant woman is not required to undergo or experience any stressful situation as this may cause health risks to the baby.

Basically, it is understandable that during pregnancy, your body is experiencing physical and hormonal changes. This may cause a feeling of stress which in turn can even result into anxiety.

Whenever you experience anxiety, it is advisable to control it by remaining calm so as to enjoy your pregnancy period and at the same time keep your baby healthy.

Research suggests that pregnant women who undergo extreme stress also experience depression. The last thing you want to do is expose your unborn baby to any harm or health risks before they are born.

Chronic anxiety during pregnancy can also result to uncontrollable blood pressure which can lead to a miscarriage or a still birth.

Babies Health Issues: Prevention of Anxiety

The following are some of the ways of dealing with anxiety during pregnancy:

  • Learn the causes of your anxiety
  • Learn the various techniques of relaxation in order to help you deal with extreme disorders associated with anxiety such as deep breathing exercises.
  •  Avoid over exerting yourself or getting too tired
  •  Eat healthy – good nutrition will be boost your energy level

 Babies Health Issues: Drug Addiction

Some of the pregnant women use drugs like heroin, marijuana and cocaine during pregnancy.

It is of great significance to note that while pregnant, DO NOT use drugs, it will expose your unborn baby to health risks.

Research suggests that those babies born to mothers who used drugs while pregnant are born dependent on these drugs.

These babies will also show symptoms of withdrawal shortly after birth since they have been separated with their source and may die. So why risk with babies’ health issues.

Other Effects of using Drugs during Pregnancy

  • Miscarriage, low child birth weight and even premature birth.
  •  Babies who are born having been exposed prior to cocaine and heroin have serious health problems.This is because they have a high chance of dying from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome(SIDS)
  • Frequent use drugs during pregnancy can lead to mental, behavioral and even learning problems in the newborn babies.
  • Use of drugs during pregnancy can also result to defects of the various body parts of the unborn child and even respiratory infections.

Babies Health Issues: Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle during Breastfeeding

During the first 6 months of a baby’s life, breast milk is a vital source of their nourishment. It is therefore important to keep this in mind and endeavor to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The following points will come in handy.

These are: –

  • Eliminate smoking, use of alcohol or any other drugs .They pose serious health risks to the baby.
  • Eat well, nutritious and balance diets.
  • Drink lots of fluids to encourage milk production.
  • Garlic and onion normally affect the taste of the breast milk.Therefore try to avoid them during breastfeeding period.
  • Get adequate sleep and even rest during breastfeeding period.

As much as a baby is a blessing, parenting requires a lot of dedication as they grow up and especially to grow up in a healthy manner. Of all the things in parenting what is very challenging is Babies Health Issues.


Author: Winnie

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