5 Top Reasons for Exclusive Breastfeeding

Once your baby is born, it needs to be feed to continue growing and this is the reason it is advisable to start exclusive breastfeeding your newborn baby.

Exclusively breastfeeding your baby
Exclusively breastfeeding your baby

Breast milk is known to be the most wholesome and nutritious source of baby food. It is specially constituted to effectively meet all your babies needs for the six months on their life.

Exclusive breastfeeding means that the baby will not be feed anything else other your breast milk. This includes water, breast milk contains enough water to meet the baby’s daily requirements. Breastfeeding has immeasurable benefits both to the baby and the mother.


5 Top Reasons for Exclusive Breastfeeding

Let us look at the reasons, exclusive breastfeeding is recommended:

1. Breast milk is cheap

If there is one unifying factor for all mothers, regardless of their financial status, marital status or geographical location is  breastfeeding. Breast milk is the most affordable source of infant nutrition.

The only catch her is that the mother has to feed well. this is however not a challenge to many families. Breast milk does not an additional cost to the family budget.


2.  Breast milk provides the best infant nutrition

Breast milk is constituted with all the right nutrients an infant requires. It is the most superior source of infant nutrition. It contains the right amounts of proteins, fats, vitamins and water. All these nutrients are in a form that is easily ingested by the baby and well absorbed in the baby’s body.

The baby’s development will continued undeterred with the baby steadily adding weight and becoming  healthy day by day. This is truly the joy of every mother.


3. Breast milk contains Antibodies

Breast milk contains disease fighting antibodies that help the baby build immunity and fight harmful bacteria that may be in the baby’s stomach and digestive tract. exclusively breastfeeding the baby means the baby has little or no chances of coming in to contact with contamination from foods or fluids.

Exclusive breastfeeding means that the baby is able to develop good bacteria in the stomach that help in the digestive process. Breast milk has protective antibodies that reduce the chances of the baby falling ill or contracting diseases such as colds and in the long term the baby is protected from early childhood diseases.


4. Breast feeding is readily available and convenient

In order to breast feed your baby, you do not have to follow an instruction manual nor do you have to follow a recipe book. All you will need is to pick your baby and latch him on your breast. In fact the only major preparation you may to do is just to wipe your breast with a warm clothe, especially the nipple just to ensure good hygiene.

Your breast milk is always in the right temperature when feeding the baby directly. In cases where you as the mother may have to resume work, express your milk and store it in clean and air tight containers. this milk in then warmed by dipping it in water hot and never heated with direct heat.

No reconstituting is required, so it is conveniently available when ever the baby needs it.


5. Exclusive Breastfeeding creates a special bond between mother and baby

The physical closeness enjoyed by the mother and baby during breastfeeding is unrivaled. It is during these sessions of breastfeeding that the martial bond between a mother and her children which last a lifetime is cemented.

There is an exchange of oxytocin and prolactin hormones between the mother and her baby which promote a sense of contentment and peace during breastfeeding. During this time a baby is able to pick on the mother’s mood and the mother also able to communicate her feeling to the baby. It is such a phenomenon.

Breastfeeding mum

Does exclusive breastfeeding have benefits for the nursing mother?



Exclusive breastfeeding has various benefits to the nursing mother, these include: –

  • As a mother breastfeeds, she lowers the risk of developing postpartum depression
  • Breastfeeding reduces the risk of contracting diabetes type 2 in the mother
  • A nursing mother has  a lower risk of developing breast, ovarian and uterine cancer which are commonly found in women
  • Breastfeeding also lowers the risk of developing high blood pressure
  • A breastfeeding mother uses maternal fat stored up during pregnancy. This helps her lose the pregnancy weight much faster.
  • The risk of cardiovascular disease is lowered in a mother who is exclusively breastfeeding her baby.
  • There are also reduced incidence of osteoporosis in breastfeeding mothers.


In conclusion, exclusive breastfeeding your baby lays a solid foundation in your baby’s health status and you will never regret making this very informed decision.

Author: Winnie

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